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bardino perro majorero

Perro Bardino Majorero
Perro Majorero has mainly been used as a working dog, developed over the last few centurions. The dog is still used for herding cattle or sheep and keeping intruders away.  Also as a companion for the family, especially in rural farms of Fuerteventura.

It's next to impossible to estimate how long this breed has been in existence, it is thought that they were brought over from Spain, 500 or 600 years ago. It was only recently (1979), the breed participated in their first dog show, held in Gran Tarajal. That was just the beginning of the recognition as it took another 15 years for the Spanish Kennel Club (Real Socieded Canina de España) to accept Perro Bardino Majorero as a native Spanish breed in 1994.

Over the years, Perro Majorero entered in a steep decline, lead to the edge of the extinction. And for this reason, the "Association for the Conservation of the Perro Majorero" (ACPM) has been founded in 2008. Born as an initiative from the breeders, owners and fans, in order to safeguard and promote the survival of the Perro Bardino Majorero. Some of its objectives, such as starting to build a love for this breed in Fuerteventura again, is being achieved. The ACPM has set up a specific plan of breeding for selection and improvement of Perros Majoreros. One of its lines of work have been the campaigns of sale of puppies among its members and between farmers to repopulate the island.
ACPM contact details: or phone to +34 636 88 03 06. Their website ( is currently down, not sure if that's permanent.

I don't have any pics of this breed but here is a couple that Tamara managed to snap in Tetir yesterday:

[Image: pAaQzdE.jpg] [Image: ydzKQri.jpg]
I Heart Fuerteventura
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If you would like to see pictures of these special dogs or indeed the real thing,   just visit the Fuerteventura dog rescue webpage or the shelter in LA Olivia,  they have plenty in need of a good home ?
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