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dog question pet demise

Pet Dog Demise Question
My 18 year old pet dog is very weak and frail now.  With a sad heart I think her days with me are very limited now.  When the inevitable happens, can I bury her in the garden?  I live in a rural Fuerte village.  I believe the Majoreros put their dogs in the rubbish bins, but I cannot do that.  Thanks for any advice.
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Hello Linda

Welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry that it is such a sad time for you.
I have 2 dogs buried in my garden, 1 of my own and 1 of a friend who didn't have their own garden. I had to employ a man and JCB to dig the holes and I try to forget that I have had a spare hole dug whilst the JCB was there, ready for the future.  Sad Cry They now have lovely shrubs in them.

Is it legal? I've no idea and don't care to be honest. The holes are deep enough that wild animals can't disturb them and they never attracted flies/pests.

Alternatively I believe that Vets can arrange cremation but I've never investigated that further.
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