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toilet airport pet fuerteventura

Pet toilet at Fuerteventura airport!

Fuerteventura Airport has inaugurated this week a pet toilet located inside the terminal, in the boarding area.

The objective of this space, according to Aena, is to offer this service to passengers who, in increasing numbers, travel with their pets.


This new facility, which is located in the boarding area in front of gates 7 and 8, has a toilet and rest area that includes a fountain with a bucket at the bottom for the use of pets, as well as a sign explaining the use of space.

In addition, in this area you can find a bin with bag dispenser, an area with artificial grass with water cleaning system and bollard. Passengers will also be able to sit next to their pets on a bench and will have a sink and toiletries, concludes Aena.

link to original article for pic

Tamara - I love it! Look at the pic, even a bollard for lifting a leg against  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Living my dream
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My cat just missed this wonderful facility.  My wife took the cat to live with my daughter in Madrid last Friday.  Big Grin
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I'd be interested in the number of pets that actually go through the departure lounge - and I don't mean on their own.
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And all we get at Manchester is a "ritual washing area" which never has had any virgins' blood
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