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corralejo photographic memory exhibition

Photographic exhibition in Corralejo - Our Memory
Tamara: I'm trying to find out if this is open to the public - I'd love to go and have a look!

The transformation of the landscape and the old way of life of La Oliva are reflected in the exhibition Our Memory, opened yesterday at the Center for the Elderly of Corralejo.

The City Council of La Oliva collaborates with this project promoted by the Fuerteventura-Norte Association, with an artistic work in charge of Pared Libre, and the participation of neighbors, groups and sponsors.

More than 1,000 old photographs of the municipality of La Oliva have been recovered within Our Memory, a project that culminated yesterday with the inauguration of a permanent exhibition installed in the Senior Center of Corralejo.

This exhibition has been promoted by the Association of the Third Age Fuerteventura-Norte, with a documentation work that began three years ago and which the Wall Free collective has developed at an artistic level. With the collaboration of the City Council of La Oliva, among many other entities, the selection of 70 images that make up the installation revolve around two fundamental concepts, the transformation of the landscape and the old way of life of the population of La Oliva

The mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, said at the opening ceremony that "this exhibition should help us understand who we are, because we are where we came from. Talk to the people in these photos, our elders, and see how the territory has changed , it should serve us to learn and to improve in the future. " Along with the mayor, were also the Minister of Social Affairs, Víctor Alonso, Soledad Aguiar and Patricio Guerra, by the Association of the Third Age Fuerteventura-Norte.

"The purpose of the project is to recover the memory of our most immediate ancestors. As landscapers, we consider that to conserve fragile landscapes such as those of the Canary Islands we have to look back, because the landscape is a common good. Our elders were farmers, fishermen and ranchers , activities that we would like to recover. Now they are the custodians of this work, "said Esther Azpeitia, who along with Merche Gómez has developed this work from the Free Wall collective.

The Councilor for Social Welfare, Rafael Benítez, excused himself for not being able to attend the event, transferring that from the City Council "it is satisfactory to collaborate and transfer the Corralejo Senior Center to the association, for the work they do." With the assembly of the exhibition an important work of rehabilitation and lighting of the center has been developed, so that "it is a pride to see how an artistic and historical memory project also has a social component, making the home of the elderly more welcoming" said Benitez.

The Fuerteventura Norte Association has sincerely thanked all the entities that have sponsored the project, the City Council of La Oliva, the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, the Coastal Action Group of Fuerteventura, the Cajamar Foundation and Tagoror Bookstore. Also to the neighbors and groups that have yielded their images, such as the Old Town of Corralejo or the Department of Heritage of the City Council, and the associations of the cultural centers of the municipality, Cultural Association Root of the People, Young Cotillo, La Luciernaga, Datsimal Association and the Green Bike.

Exhibition Our Memory

From the Fuerteventura Norte association they explain that the exhibition Our Memory consists of more than 70 photographs, most of them original "that show the relationship of women and men in the municipality with the traditional fishing sector and agriculture, livelihood of the island", and also Significantly shows the transformation of the landscape. It is "a collection of images that aim to contribute to show and preserve the history of this municipality."

The installation exhibits, through public access, a cultural heritage and heritage of the municipality of La Oliva. In addition to the exposed photographs, a collection of some thousand photographs has been made, which will be part of an Association archive.

The artistic work has corresponded to the Free Wall Association, which has been in charge of carrying out the field work, editing and assembly of the exhibition from 2017 until now, visiting the cultural centers of the municipality, as well as the homes of many neighbors They wanted to contribute their photos, and scanning the images in situ.

[Image: c2DJg8F.jpg] [Image: tqkY7FZ.jpg]
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(04-10-2019, 11:59 PM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: Tamara: I'm trying to find out if this is open to the public - I'd love to go and have a look...

I would expect it to be open to the public, having opening hours printed on the flyers (attached). What I struggle with is the address of the exhibition. Can't see the building/entrance @ Google Street View (Calle La Milagrosa 47, Corralejo). Hope someone living in the town could confirm.

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Hi Sam
The building in C/Milagrosa is actually in the plaza if I remember rightly so no proper Street View available.
Before I saw your post I went looking this afternoon while in Corralejo but I was looking at the Centre for the Elderly up in C/Tortola opposite an infant school! No signs/posters up there. I'm back in Corralejo on Monday afternoon so I'll have another look in both locations then. Cheers for the flyer, I hadn't seen that.
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Opens 3 Oct.

Any idea when it finishes?

I'm out at the end of this month and would be interested in going
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The flyer says permanent, I'll see what I can find out.
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We at least managed to find the building yesterday, will check it out if we find ourselves in Corralejo again.

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Snap Sam!

[Image: UDRClSg.jpg]

As I suspected the address is now within a plaza hence no Street View on Google. It faces a children's play area and is at a right angle to the Ayuntamiento, the building on the left in this pic:
[Image: wz0fUJH.jpg]

I arrived a 1pm, the front entrance was open but no one in sight. I stuck my head inside, all was quiet in the foyer, there was a bar/coffee area and seating, presumably for the elderly patrons. There was a poster on the wall about the exhibition so I decided to hang around for a bit. After about 10 minutes a tiny elderly man appeared and looked quite bemused when I asked to see the exhibition (but that might have been my Spanish!). However he pointed me to a door and left me to it. I wandered through the exhibition for about 30 minutes and when I reappeared he hustled me out of the door saying he had to go to the doctor and locked up behind me.
The exhibition has been set up along the walls of the ramped corridors leading to the upper floor. It has been kept very simple with white walls and blue trim, like the exterior of the building, and traditional fishermen's cottages. The pictures are augmented by various fishing and agricultural implements. I found it disappointing that the pictures have no labels, some locations are easy to identify but approximate dates would be welcome. I'd encourage anyone to go and have a look.

[Image: 7sodDKf.jpg] [Image: eMvmhIC.jpg] [Image: E4yzHpa.jpg]

[Image: 1FicYaQ.jpg] [Image: r5tHZrK.jpg] [Image: bPq1RvH.jpg]

[Image: JK8df8A.jpg] [Image: WuV5rC0.jpg] [Image: xGUkq3E.jpg]

[Image: qNOsIZY.jpg] [Image: 5dC0n29.jpg] [Image: qFCN6fu.jpg]

[Image: YlYqXEQ.jpg] [Image: IYmsu42.jpg] [Image: VgysIem.jpg]

[Image: oZnnQEt.jpg] [Image: H1jNjsQ.jpg] [Image: SyxhywF.jpg]
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[Image: jaKIrv8.jpg] [Image: dtmjRoG.jpg] [Image: qo0yT2B.jpg]

[Image: KIf5hNg.jpg] [Image: W9PjCZV.jpg] [Image: s7zU5Pt.jpg]

[Image: IzJxknn.jpg] [Image: 4kav9nG.jpg] [Image: BkJwNZX.jpg]

[Image: 7Z3Eiyl.jpg] [Image: osQ2Ov0.jpg] [Image: osQ2Ov0.jpg]

[Image: cUZgQ67.jpg] [Image: ubcJsFM.jpg] [Image: fH8V1xd.jpg]

[Image: hMQAdfe.jpg] [Image: kovQEte.jpg] [Image: Wgjnxdf.jpg] 

[Image: ZWwVC5o.jpg]
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Just Ok I tried to see this today (Tuesday 5th  I’ve) with a German lady friend of mine who has bee coming to the TresIslas hotel since it opened (1974). 
We arrived at around 1030 and there was only a cleaner there. She told us that it opened at 1700 - while standing next a poster that said the hours were 0900 to 1400 Monday to Friday and 1700 to 2100 on Saturdays
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No MFinally got see the exhibition!! Arrived at around 1730 today (Monday) and while there wasn’t anyone obviously in charge, a little old man showed us where it was. In the main door to the social area, the through a door on the right, turn left and the exhibition ramp starts there. The problem we had was it was getting dark and aforesaid guy couldn’t find the light switch. 
Eventually they came on (motion sensors perhaps) and we then spent a pleasant half hour looking at the exhibition. Be aware that right the start there is a table with what are photo albums with more pictures than those in the display
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