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puerto photovolcaic rosario proposals

Photovolcaic proposals in Puerto del Rosario

The capital's urban growth is threatened by the implementation of renewables.

Puerto del Rosario asks to suspend the authorization given, exceptionally, to several wind and photovoltaic farms

The Ordinary Plenary Session of the City Council of Puerto del Rosario approved, unanimously, the institutional motion with the aim of urging the Government of the Canary Islands to suspend the approval and implementation of photovoltaic and/or wind farms in the municipality, through the application of the exceptional procedure of art. 6 bis of Law 11/1997 on the Regulation of the Canary Islands Electricity Sector.

The motion arises as a result of the agenda of the Government Council of the Canary Islands, which contemplates the approval of several photovoltaic plant projects in Puerto del Rosario.

Among the projects affected are the Las Cabras Photovoltaic Solar Park, the Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in Fuerteventura Solar I and II, and the Blanca Solar Photovoltaic Plant, all of them adding a capacity of several megawatts.

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The mayor of the capital, David de Vera, expressed "his deep concern about the possible unjustified displacement of municipal and island competences, contradictions with the legislation on land and protected natural areas, as well as the imposition of modifying urban planning, affecting the territorial and urban model".

In addition, he highlighted the concern about the location of the projects, particularly in areas of strategic territorial protection for the urban development of the municipality, which could negatively affect the planned urban growth model.

Ordinance regulating parks and green areas

In the same plenary session, the Municipal Ordinance Regulating the parks and green areas of the City of Puerto del Rosario was initially approved, which has as its main objective the regulation of the use and enjoyment of municipal parks and green areas to preserve said public space as a place of coexistence and civility.

Once initially approved, the text of the ordinance will be made available to the public for a minimum period of 30 working days, so that interested parties can submit the claims and suggestions they deem appropriate.

If no claim or suggestion is submitted, the agreement will be deemed to have been definitively adopted.

Another of the issues to be discussed in the Plenary was the modification of the Tax Ordinance regulating the canon for building use on rustic land. The proposal seeks to adapt the municipal regulations to the regional legislation in force in the Canary Islands, establishing a new percentage for the canon, setting 5% for residential uses and 8% for industrial uses on rustic land.

The amendment also contemplates allocating the revenues of the canon to public protection housing, environmental conservation, public works, and other purposes of social interest.

Once the proposal has been approved by the majority of the Plenary, it will enter into force after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Province.

Tamara - I thought I posted a thread about the new proposals during the last few weeks but I can't find it. If anyone spots it please let me know so I can link the 2 posts, thanks.
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Naturgy commissions its first photovoltaic plant in Fuerteventura.

It will generate energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 6,600 homes

Naturgy has commissioned its first photovoltaic plant in Fuerteventura, in the town of Puerto del Rosario, and the second in the Canary Islands, with a capacity of 11.5 MW. The new facility will produce 21.65 GWh/year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 6,600 homes, helping to reduce annual CO2 emissions by more than 15,600 tonnes and accelerating the energy transition in the Canary Islands.

The development of the project, which has involved an investment of 9.7 million euros and the generation of more than 80 direct and indirect jobs during the construction, operation and maintenance phases, allows the company to exceed the 110 MW of renewable energy currently in operation in the archipelago, to which another 35 MW currently under construction will be added.

Puerto del Rosario is the third project that the company has implemented on the island of Fuerteventura, and the first photovoltaic project, after the Fuerteventura Renovable II wind farm was commissioned in 2018 and the Puerto del Rosario wind farm in June 2021.
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The capital approves the call for renewable energy subsidies for residents.

Those interested in applying for this grant will have until June 15, 2024 to submit all the documentation

Last Friday, March 15, the Governing Board of the Puerto del Rosario City Council approved the public call for subsidies, on a competitive basis, for photovoltaic installations in homes and neighborhood communities 2024.

Individuals who own or usufructuate homes and neighbourhood associations, resident in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, who intend to carry out the actions included in the fourth base and meet the requirements demanded in accordance with the fifth base, may be beneficiaries.

The amount announced will be 90,000 euros, which can be increased through budgetary availability, subsidizing 30% of the expenses described as eligible, after deducting the amounts received for other aid.

The maximum amount per application will be €1,500 for single-family homes, €1,000 for common building services, €1,500 for individual self-consumption in buildings with a maximum of 12 dwellings and, finally, €2,500 for shared self-consumption in buildings with a maximum of 12 dwellings.

In any case, the eligible investment may not be less than 2,000 euros and the design and engineering works may not exceed 10% of the total cost of the installation.

Applications must be submitted through Annex I, accompanied by the documentation expressed on the form and detailed in the eighth base. In addition, they must comply with the corresponding urban planning obligations and authorizations.

Attached to the application, it is required to submit one of the following forms previously registered in Urban Planning: Annex IV - Form 18 Prior Communication (Urban Actions), or failing that, Annex V - General Instance (Urban Planning Actions).

Applications will be submitted from the day following the publication of the bases in the Official Gazette of the Province and will end on June 15, 2024 at the Citizen Service Office (General Registry) of the City of Puerto del Rosario, in the General Electronic Registry of the City Council, or another of the places provided for in article 16.4 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

The execution deadlines for the facilities will be from November 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024. On the other hand, the justification of the subsidy can be made until September 15, 2024, having a total of 10 non-extendable working days, from the publication of the requirement, for its correction.
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