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licence exchange physical eyetest driving eye

Physical/eye test for driving licence exchange
I understand I need a psicotécnico test before I can exchange my UK driving licence.

Can anyone please give me specific directions to the medical centre where I can get it done?

I am not totally familiar with Puerto del Rosario!

Thank you
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If you locate the DGT Offices (you will need to go there) there is a test centre within the same building. As you face the main public entrance to DGT, it is on the right hand side of that building, probably the 2nd or 3rd doorway down the street and just before a cafe.


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Thanks Tom excellent directions. There is plenty of parking around.

I went early yesterday (21 March) but they have changed the system.

The old system was get the health check first, then make an appointment with DGT. Because of the volume of licence exchange applications, and the health certificate expires after three months, the health centre is now asking for people to book the appointment with DGT first, to ensure the health certificate is valid for the appointment if the DGT start running with a backlog.

With the help of Miguel, who got an appointment sorted with DGT for me in early April, I went back this morning and 50 euros lighter I have the health certificate. They were quiet around 10:00am. I understand they open at 08:00 now until 14:00.

As others have described, the test consists of trying to keep two black bars inside two curvy white lines, as they move along. The white lines move independently of each other. The black bars are controlled by two 'T' handles, one for each bar. You need to do this for a minute. There were some medical questions about health, then you get a photo taken, then an eye test. The completed certificate is collected from the receptionist on the way out. The staff were very helpful.

Hope this is helpful
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We did our health test on Monday here https://www.reconocimientosfuerteventura.com/ booked the DGT appointment online afterwards for this Wednesday. We now have a temp licence until the cards are ready.
Was pretty straight forward apart from a cock up by the original DGT person giving us our UK lics back so we had to book in again the next day to return them.
Be aware the DVLA code needs to be requested within 24 hours of the DGT appointment not prior to then.
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