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pluscar warning autoplus

Pluscar - Autoplus a warning.
Just a word of warning for anyone with a plus car reservation. I have been using Pluscar for around 10 years or more and never had a problem, but last Thursday 23rd December when I arrived and went to pick up my hire car there was no car or no person so I called them. The guy I spoke to said I was not on his list for that day, he asked me if I had a reservation confirmation or just an acknowledgement, I confirmed to him I had a reservation confirmed from June 2021, I proceeded to take pictures of the reservation and what’s app them to him, After much persuasion (he kept saying I was not on his list, I kept saying that was not my problem but his Admin problem) and him checking with head office he agreed to prepare a car for me I had to wait wait about an additional 40mins for them to arrive with a car. After that everything went smoothly.

My Warning is if you have a reservation confirmation email them a few days in advance to make sure they know you will be arriving.
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Thanks Can and welcome back to the island. Glad to hear that even it took this long and despite the car shortage the companies have, you've still managed to sort it out & get a car from them.
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