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o’ man war portuguese

Portuguese Man o’ War
Stinging False Jellyfish Found on Fuerteventura Coastline

Recent storms have washed ashore the dreaded Portuguese Man o’ War or Physalia physalis from the Atlantic Ocean to the coastline of Fuerteventura.
Physalia Physalis, also known as ‘false jellyfish’, is an organism that produces very painful stings, so caution is recommended when swimming in the sea.
This organism is a marine hydrozoan of the family Physalidae often found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. These have long tentacles that can deliver a painful sting, and this is strong enough to kill fish, but has only rarely been known to kill humans.
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A short part of the Blue Planet 2 about this friendly fella

Not the biggest fan of documentary film but I must say this one is a real masterpiece. Highly recommended to watch.
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Tried to find it but failed online. I'm sure they are dangerous to touch even if they are dead. So be careful if you find one on the beach and let the lifeguard know about it, please.
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None of the news stories I have read says where on the island they have been found.  Does anyone know? I think it is highly unlikely they have been swept upon all beaches north, south, east and west?
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I read about Portuguese Man o’ War in Tenerife a few days ago (washed out due to some storm). Could it be that somebody messed up the names of the islands and for that reason can't reveal the location? Still, better safe than sorry.
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Last seen by me on Surfers beach and at the Lagoons 2016:

Blue Bottle spotted El Cotillo Surfers Beach
April 19, 2016, 02:43:10 pm

Seen today whilst walking along surfers beach El Cotillo.


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It makes me wonder why people post such “news” stories but fail to give any info regarding any beaches affected.
Had a good swim today at Las Playitas, nothing in the water other than beautiful fish.
Water temp was lovely.
And will happily continue to swim around the island until a lifeguard or flags, tell me not too.
They usually wash up on the beach at high Tides so pretty easy to spot any problems lurking in the water.
I always am aware of such problems, having lived in Australia, but only once have I seen a jellyfish invasion in Fuerte.
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Not Portuguese Man o' War but worth to know about - found on Twitter today:

Quote:We are warned by several neighbours of the village of #GranTarajal who have found several jellyfish (aguavivas) in the area of GranTarajal beach, they have bitten several bathers, if you go to the beach today be careful if you walk along the shore or if you go to bath.

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Yesterday (4PM), walking on the beach, Portuguese Man o’ War got washed ashore. It looked dead but still wasn't going to interact with it 😅

Took some pics, not sure if needed to alarm anyone as the beach was completely soulless. If you know who to contact, please do so. I'll talk to a lifeguard today. Also share with people coming this way, please.

It was at the west end of Punta Playa, near Roque del Moro - two miles west of Cofete Beach.

As we all already know, swimming in these waters (West Coast except Cotillo) is pretty dangerous due to rip currents but these little creatures can make your day even worse.

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Spoke to lifeguards in Puerto del Rosario and have been told no need to panic about it. Apparently the lifeguards at Playa Blanca find them on daily basis. A bit of shock to me as I do swim there quite often.
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