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itv pre possible

Possible to pre date an ITV?
Our ITV on our car is due in January but is it possible to get the car tested any earlier as in the UK you can get a 13 month ticket? With the current situation not sure when we will be returning to FV,
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You can take a vehicle for an ITV test up to one month before the expiration of the current ITV certificate and it does not affect the expiration date of the current certificate. So if your current certificate is due to run out on the 31 December you could take the car in for a new ITV from the 1st December. If it passes the ITV will then last until the 31st December the following year.
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Thanks Captain for that info..
Previously we have gone with 2 weeks to spare but with the current situation in a state of flux ...who knows!!??
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You could leave your car keys with someone and get them to take it for the ITV. (As long as insurance etc current).
Living my dream
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