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offshore areas wind potential farm

Potential Offshore Wind farm areas

The Spanish government defines 4 areas of high potential in offshore wind in the Canary Islands.

The Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday the Maritime Spatial Planning Plans (POEM) of the five maritime demarcations, which map the million square meters of the Spanish marine surface and contemplate the possibility of deploying wind generation parks in up to 5,000 square kilometers of Spanish marine surface. The offshore wind farms in the Canary Islands, closer to being a reality, advances Europa Press.


Although in Lanzarote parks are proposed that could be 1.8 kilometers from the coast, in Fuerteventura the initial approach of the ministry proposes distances of between 7 and 35 kilometers from the coast, in two situations: One possibility is a wide space off the east coast in the central part of the island and a smaller location off the coast of Puerto del Rosario.


During the press conference after the meeting of the Executive, the third vice president of the Government, Teresa Ribera, stressed that the objective of these first plans for the period 2022-2027 is to achieve a sustainable development of the uses of the sea so that a coexistence of activities is achieved in the five Spanish marine demarcations.


Specifically, the POEM identify Priority Use Areas for activities of general interest and High Potential Areas where maritime sectors and possible future uses prevail in the five areas: North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Strait and Alboran, Levantine-Balearic and Canarian.


For the Government, this is a transversal strategic instrument that allows an optimal use of maritime space, reducing conflicts and promoting coexistence and synergies, which is carried out for the first time in our country.


In particular, priority use areas (SPAs) develop uses of general interest such as biodiversity protection; environmentally assessed aggregate deposits for coastal protection; the protection of underwater cultural heritage; R+D+i; National Defense and Safety at Navigation.


In addition, the high-potential areas plans pay special attention to sectoral activities and those of general interest that could be developed in the future the conservation of biodiversity; aggregate deposits that could be used for coastal protection; R+D+i; port activity; the development of offshore wind energy and aquaculture.


Ribera has compared this marine cartography with terrestrial urban development plans, insofar as they evaluate and order the different uses and areas where it is possible to develop activities; At the same time, they introduce limitations where there is priority interest, such as areas that have environmental protection figures, or in easement zones or that have to do with maritime transport or linked to security and national defense.



The minister stressed that in its preparation, which has lasted four years, all the actors of public and private institutions, scientific and research entities such as CEDEX or the IEO have participated, as well as local administrations that felt challenged by the management of these maritime spaces.


In any case, given that these are the first POEM, he added that during this first cycle it will be possible to learn to, where appropriate, improve or update the following plans in their next review, since those approved this Tuesday will be valid until December 31, 2027.


Specifically, the plans incorporate a management of the priority uses of areas with high potential for different activities that are developed or that may want to be developed in the coming years looking for synergies or prioritization criteria.



In the opinion of the vice president, among the "most novel" aspects of this mapping of marine areas of activity is that it identifies where it can be carried out, for example, the extraction of aggregates for use in tasks such as beach restoration; or that some spaces are destined to innovation activities of R + D + i that explain the "important weight" that Spain has in terms of offshore wind patents, for example such as those developed in experimental areas of the Canary Islands or the Basque Country or in aquaculture.


Ribera stressed that the maps bring together the combination of such criteria in the five marine demarcations and establishes where prohibitions are introduced or uses that "may be aspirations of other groups" are enabled.


In any case, the limitations especially affect the areas of cetacean corridors, national defense, maritime security, areas where other uses are "very restricted", given that the POEM must guarantee the protection of ecosystems, habitats and sensitive and vulnerable species, including those protected by regional, national or supranational regulations.


Spanish maritime spatial planning responds to compliance with Directive 2014/89/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning. In Spain, this Directive has been incorporated into our legal system as a regulatory development of Law 41/2010, of December 29, on the protection of the marine environment (Royal Decree 363/2017, of April 8, which establishes a framework for maritime spatial planning).




MITECO sources have explained in a briefing that these maps neither prohibit nor allow, but only order the spaces. Specifically, the plans establish 19 potential polygons that touch the 5,000 kilometers of surface, that is, 0.46 percent of the million square kilometers of the Spanish marine surface, in which around 1 gigawatt of wind power can be deployed until 2030 as contemplated by the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) without compromising the good state of the seas.


According to ministerial calculations, that gigawatt of offshore wind can fit more than enough in those 5,000 square meters that are the maximum possible surface, since a single large park can reach that goal, although at the moment it is unknown if these areas will be filled in the next six years.


Specifically, the new cartography establishes the minimum distances to the coast that vary depending on each marine demarcation since neither the marine floors nor the tourist interests are the same throughout the coastal perimeter, which conditions the developments.


For example, in the North Atlantic demarcation, the minimum distance of a possible offshore wind project to the coast is 21 kilometers and the maximum, 31 kilometers. However, in the Canary Islands, there is a wind estate at 1,850 meters in Lanzarote, while in Roses (Gerona) the polygon 'Leva 1' is located 12 kilometers from the coast and 'Leva2' in Menorca 5 kilometers from the coast.


Although, from the Miteco insist that if there has been a barrier to the use of these spaces is the preservation of biodiversity that has been decisive to locate offshore wind by areas with traffic light signage: red, prohibition, and yellow, restriction.

Specifically, for the delimitation of uses in areas of high potential, the Ministry has assessed the availability of the wind resource; the non-affection of marine biodiversity or other uses of general interest such as safety in navigation and national defense; the reduction of conflicts of other uses and activities present such as fishing, aquaculture, tourism.

link to article for map
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Radio Sintonia:

Juan Placeres: "installing a wind farm in La Entallada would mean breaking the ecosystem and ending the way of life of many families".

The Council of Ministers approved yesterday the Royal Decree with the Maritime Space Management Plans (POEM), which establishes five marine demarcations throughout the State, one of them the Canary Islands, and in which the areas in which different activities can be carried out are marked, including the development of wind energy with the installation of marine mills. Two of the areas established for this purpose in the Canary Islands are located in Fuerteventura.


Juan Placeres, major patron of the Fishermen's Association of Morro Jable has declared himself "totally against being installed in fishing areas and island platforms" since this "affects fishing and the marine ecosystem and will break a unique traditional way of life".

One of the spaces established in the POEM is in La Entallada, east of Gran Tarajal, a part near the lighthouse, and this "is the area where all the boats of the island fish, the boats of the Brotherhood of Gran Tarajal, the boats of Morro Jable, of Corralejo, those who fish the tuna all year round". explains Placeres, in short, ensures that it is "an important fishing area".

The major boss insists that installing a wind farm there "would mean breaking the ecosystem and ending the way of life of many families both directly and indirectly."

The fishermen show their clear opposition since, in addition, "the brotherhoods have not been counted on in any case" in Fuerteventura. They describe as "very serious that a measure of this type is put by decree" and know that the establishment of this area does not mean that the park will be installed there "but surely it will be put because it is in an area very suitable for that and is very close to the power plant ""We fear the worst, but we are going to do everything possible so that this does not happen," they transfer.
They defend that "there are other areas and other alternatives", that "the end does not justify the means", "it cannot be that you load an ecosystem and a way of life to produce clean energy", "clean in quotes" he says, "because wind farms pollute acoustically and electromagnetically, in addition to the damage they do to their anchors to the bottom in one way or another", concludes Pleasures.
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Radio Sintonia:

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura will intervene in the "abuse" of the State against traditional fishing in Fuerteventura.

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura will continue to defend the artisanal fishing of Fuerteventura before the planning of the State to install offshore wind farms on the coasts of Fuerteventura. This was conveyed by the president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Lola García, and the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Matías Peña, in a meeting held with the fishing sector at the Pozo Negro Experimental Farm. This event is part of the working meetings that the Cabildo holds with the primary sector to meet their demands and, in this case, in addition, in the context of World Fisheries Day.

One of the concerns shared by the professionals and the Cabildo has been the Maritime Spaces Management Plan (POEM), decreed by the Ministry without taking into account the voice of the fishermen of Fuerteventura and which could mean the end of traditional fishing.

Lola García reported that "from the Cabildo, at the time, we presented allegations to the document, we brought motions to the Plenary rejecting the unilateral intentions of the Ministry and we are not going to stop until that barbarity stops. To this end, we are already preparing consultations with specialized jurists with the intention of finding the legal figure that will allow us to stop, once and for all, this outrage. We will take the fight to the end, walking hand in hand with the professionals of the sector."

The Minister Matías Peña showed his willingness "to attend to the demands of fishing professionals so that there is a unity that prevents us from moving forward and working hand in hand in everything that we must improve in the sector. What they are doing to Fuerteventura is not fair and what we have to try, as an institution, is to be on the side of the fishermen to try to stop this attack on our fishing".

The Cabildo warns that almost half of the area proposed for the Canary Islands falls on Fuerteventura. More than 192 square kilometers off the coasts of Tuineje and Antigua, and another area of 16.15 kilometers that extends east of the coast of Puerto del Rosario.

According to the professionals themselves, the planning occupies the main fishing ground of Fuerteventura, located off the coast of Gran Tarajal. An area accounts for 80% of its income, so the survival of local fisheries is at risk, as well as the biodiversity of the seabed.

"From the Cabildo we will always defend that the singularities of Fuerteventura are taken into account against the interference of those who do not understand our geographical context, where the sea plays a fundamental role in our culture and the livelihood of families", concluded Lola García.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the municipalities of Pájara and La Oliva.
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