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police near nie office print national shop nies

Print Shop near to National Police Office for NIEs
I'm taking a friend to the National Police Office for NIEs tomorrow morning. I understand that there is a Print Shop nearby that will complete the application form and copy all that needs copying (for a fee, of course).

Can anyone be a little bit more precise in the location of this nearby shop?


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Hi Tom
One that I've used is in the same side road as the Policia Nacional, Calle Herbania, and on the same side, perhaps 50-100m away, might even be as close as next door! I'm pretty sure there is another one further along the road as well. However, I haven't used either for several years so no guarantees!
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HI Tom,
I used it about 6 weeks ago, and yes, next door to the Police station - the girl is very helpful.
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