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private cover health emergency

Private Health Cover for emergency
Anyone know what happens if you have private health insurance and are unfortunate enough to need an ambulance and emergency treatment? Do the ambulances take you to a private hospital? 
I was asked this question earlier by someone whose understanding is that the main hospital doesn't treat private patients.
Any thoughts please....
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I have never needed to call an ambulance in Fuerteventura but I believe they would take me to the hospital in Puerto del Rosario should I any medical attention, not to a private clinic. We do have a private travel insurance as well as EHIC card from NHS. I'm expecting to get most of the treatments covered by EHIC and whatever isn't (transfer back to the UK, or extra stay on the island for myself and/or OH) the private insurance will kick in. We might have to pay upfront (or sign our souls up) and claim the Money back from the insurance company, not sure how it works. As I've said, we've never needed to be treated on our holiday so most info is just theory and how I would expect things to be working.
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People should be aware that on some if not all travel ins policies one of the 1st stipulations is that the "local hospital/medical centre" should be used if at all possible. I have a friend who broke her foot and was taken to a private clinic and as she was outside the operating theatre (pre-med state) her ins co informed her that she was not covered as there was the local hospital available and she should have gone there as per policy. Needless to say she went ahead with the op at a cost of a few €k. So read carefully folks.
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Yep, local hospital in Puerto would be my first choice. Not just because the insurance company want that but I would expect better experts to be working in the hospital rather than in some private surgery running by one or couple of (Jack of all trades) doctors.
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By sheer coincidence my wife also broke her foot whilst in Caleta. We took a taxi up to the state hospital in PDR where she was x-rayed then had a cast put on. The hospital don't supply either a wheelchair or crutches to get you on you way. We bought the crutches from the pharmacy and also hired a wheelchair from Miraflor. We had to revisit the hospital by taxi a few times for check-ups etc. When we put the ins claim in they said we could only claim taxi fares for the initial visit, queried why she needed a wheelchair when we had purchased the crutches. There was no quibbles about the medications bill. They also skimmed the exchange rate in their favour so it's no wonder some people inflate the claim amount.
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I had a medical emergency some years ago. Fortunately we were stayig close to a private medical centre. They had there own ambulance and took me to the hospital in Rosario where I spent three days. Our Insurance covered all the costs including the hospital stay. The hospital billed us on discharge. We paid and claimed when we returned home. Having said that, it was years ago and things could, and probably have, changed since then.
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Thanks GSDGirl for sharing your experience. I never knew the private medical centre would use their own vehicle to take you to the hospital. Have you been billed by them too? If so, have you been able to recover the cost through the insurance too?
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Can any one recommend health insurance as I’m contemplating moving to the island full time and it seems it is needed as part of applying for residency, thanks
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I have mine through the bank. approx. 60 euros per month (with no existing health issues).
I've used the Parque hospital in Rosario a couple of times and found the service to be excellent.
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From what we can remember the Medical Centre billed us for everything they provided and we claimed it back from the insurance. As it was so long ago, and we have moved house 4 times since, we haven't any paperwork relating to the event so can only rely on memory but can't remember having any problems claiming.
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