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fuste project promenade caleta widening

Promenade Widening Project in Caleta de Fuste
The Costas Department had a meeting today with the Ayuntamiento of Antigua to inform them that the plan is to increase the width of the promenade around the beach.

The project involves the widening of the promenade from 6 metres to 10 metres and incoroporate a 2 metre wide cyclepath and a 2 metre wide landscaped area to incorporate lighting and street furniture.
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The Ministry for Ecological Transition has published the public information announcement of the processing of the works for the extension and improvement of the pedestrian promenade of Caleta de Fuste beach, and which have a total budget of 1,432 .589 euros.

With a period of execution of nine months, the project contemplates the increase in the width of the pedestrian promenade towards the beach from six to ten meters, which is justified by the influx of tourists who use the avenue daily and who, today, “ is narrow ”, according to the report of the company Sistema Ingeniería.

Also, this action is justified in the commitment of the municipality for alternative means of transport, such as bicycles and the incursion of electric scooters, which requires a bike lane of “a sufficient width for use with the necessary safety” , while ensuring adequate accessibility conditions and providing facilities located on the beach with adequate services for its operation.

The total length of the section on which it will be operated is 846 meters, divided into two stages, an extension along which access ramps, green areas and a bike path are planned, with a width of up to two meters .

The street will also be equipped with new street furniture. Thus, the placement of litter bins and 34 reinforced concrete benches is contemplated, which will have the shade of a palm tree, for which it is contemplated that the current ten transplants and the incorporation of eleven other specimens will be transplanted. along the promenade, in addition to the installation of a railing in all those sections of the promenade where the height exceeds 0.75 meters to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

The project involves the extension of the current promenade, from the area of ​​the Frasquita restaurant to the Hotel Barceló, and that in the future, “once the technical problems are solved,” it will allow prolonging the avenue to the sports pier, as explained by the First Deputy Mayor and Head of Urban Planning of Antigua, Manuel Hernández Cabrera.

The mayor comments his "satisfaction" for the new step taken in the implementation of this initiative presented by the Demarcation of Coasts and that "involves reinvesting part of the game for the regeneration of the beach, which was not executed, for the benefit of the municipality".

Hernández Cabrera stressed that it is "a claim of the tourism sector of El Castillo and the citizen in general" that makes it possible to improve accessibility, in addition to providing space for new green areas, furniture and a commitment to new technologies. And it is that the project includes the installation of three smart charger units for recharging mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablets, through USB outputs. These are autonomous devices that transform solar energy into electric current at 12V.

More infrastructure

For his part, the president of the Association of Businessmen and Merchants of Antigua (AECA), Francisco Manuel Ufano Polo, said that the extension of the promenade of the beach of El Castillo is one of the demands of the group, within the objectives set long-term. Remember that a year ago a pre-agreement was reached with the Cabildo de Fuerteventura and the City Council of Antigua so that, "pushing all of the same car", this point will be reached. He believes that the project will contribute to improving the supply and quality of the service provided to tourism in the area.

In this sense, he points out that “unfortunately” the beach of El Castillo is “below the average of the rest of the beaches of the Island and, in addition, the intervention made on it was not very successful, waiting for it Run the regeneration correction project and leave us a decent beach. ”

Meanwhile, the improvement of the tour will be an incentive for tourism. Not surprisingly, the business representative points out that the strength of Fuerteventura is its beaches and that it is therefore essential to invest in them.
Courtesy of Diario de Fuerteventura
I Heart Fuerteventura
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