Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum. This is just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere on the island.

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public holiday

Public holiday today???
Is it??  Can't find anything on line about it, but just found out some places in Puerto are closed today, but no info as to why?
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Captain mentioned in the This week's events:

Quote: Today – a local bank holiday in the Antigua Municipality for Carnival.

I believe, the Carnival in Puerto del Rosario starts officially at the end of this week but some part of it took place over the weekend. It could mean the residents need a day off today, I guess. Huh Big Grin
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I guess so! As I was given   conflicting answers by friends both English and Spanish - I decided not to risk going in to Puerto today to do the things I needed to.
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An extra day off for yourself, Emmi? Definitely can't hurt Thumbs Up
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Bank holiday but only in Antigua.  Puerto will probably have one after their Carnival
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The Carnival bank holiday in Puerto del Rosario is on Tuesday 5th March - Martes de Carnavale - and is known as Shrove Tuesday(Pancake Day) in the UK etc.

It's in the main Carnival week in Puerto as the main parade is on the 9th March at 17.30.
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