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rabbits they eat find

Rabbits - what do they find to eat here?
I'm constantly surprised by the number of wild rabbits here, what on earth do they find to eat? In England, and I'm sure in other places, they nibble away at fresh grass and young shoots of the choicest plants in your gardens. Here they have some inhospitable scrub and not a lot else.

This morning my dog started making a fuss down by our gate. When I went to investigate I spotted a very young rabbit under the car, when my dog barked it then hid under the wheel - not a lot of road sense!

Later in the day I was at the top of my garden and I saw it, or a relative, dive inside a pile of rocks. How it got past my dog I don't know because she had not left her guard position by the gate all day and that is the only place it could get in. My dog spent the rest of the afternoon playing at being a mountain goat on top of the rocks, completely ignoring me until it was walk time. I had to drag her indoors on the lead after the walk and keep her in all evening - I had visions of her being out there all night barking at anything that moved!

[Image: kafbCNp.jpg] [Image: DFVft1c.jpg]
Just hope rabbits don't like milkweed - they're reserved for the butterflies and I've loads of new young plants  Fingers Crossed . Everything else is hopefully big enough and tough enough to survive some nibbling.
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