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Real estates in la Caldereta
Hey guys, I am about to purchase a property in la Caldereta, however, I am worried because many real estates are suddenly on sale with their prices gradually decreasing. Does anyone know why is that?
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Welcome to the forum Jan.

Prices fluctuate, especially the ones pushed up too hard.

The sudden price change could also be due to the owners realising there's not much of time before most of the visitors (read: potential buyers) disappear after the Christmas break and the estate agents trying to get some extra viewers before the inevitable drop.

If you're buying because you felt in love with the particular property, buy at the price you were happy at that moment.

If it's "just an investment" wait a few more years. The global economy is slowing down already and we might see another recession fairly soon. Visitor numbers fell down already and it could push property prices down even deeper.

...or it might go the other way and we will never hear about another recession for the rest of the times. 🤔😅

If you link to the exact property (properties), we might be able to help more.
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Thanks a lot for your quick response, this is the exact property I am interested in : . If you have any more information about this property that might be helpful, I would love if you share it with me.
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Hi,  when you say "about to buy" have you had a lawyer look into the legality of the building and land first?  From our experience there are many properties that are multi owned by family members,  so first get it checked that who ever is selling is the sole owner or there is an agreement in place. 
I wouldn't want to put you off but a good lawyer is essential, hope things work out and you can agree a good price.  Good luck
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A nice sized plot!

A few questions to ask if you're buying a rural property:

Is the electricity connected and working?
Is the water connected and working?
Has a reserve water tank been fitted and is the pump working?
Has a depuradora been fitted and are the pumps working?

Is there a physical telephone line available? Not so important because you can use a 3G/4G system but if 'physical' available you stand a chance of getting fibre optic in the future.

Good luck!
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It really is a case for “horses for courses” as Sam says. As long as you have ensured your solicitor has done due diligence it is down to you. If you are happy with the price then go for it. At the end of the day it is what you are happy with. Remember though, things are not always the same, although they should be (within reason) the same as the UK. If it is your hearts desire then go for it, I did & best decision ever but it is undoubtedly very subjective 😁😁
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Love the size of the plot 😍

It's the biggest plot and the cheapest property (due to the villa size) currently for sale in Caldereta. Excellent find.

Next door neighbour on the east side is selling similar size of plot for 230K @ idealista. The one you're trying to buy is much better choice, IMHO.
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