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form inss s1 office registering

Registering Form S1 at INSS office
Can someone please advise where you register the above. I believe you have to go to the INSS office and then take your card to the health centre. Are there local INSS offices or only in PR. We are down in Morro Jable so would rather not have to go to PR unless required. Thanks in advance.
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I'm afraid there's only one INSS (Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social) on the island and that's the one in Puerto del Rosario. I hope someone else can prove me wrong as it's quite a drive from Morro Jable.

I would probably ask in a local health centre or pharmacy, they might be able to point you in the right direction.
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As Sam has already said, it is only in Puerto,  so you have a long journey. Furthermore you need to make an appointment in advance at the following address 


However, you cant make an appointment now, not until the current state of alarm is over (perhaps another three weeks or so)!

We struggled for two months, checking every single, before we got our appointment. We attended the day before the state of alarm was announced so we assume our paperwork is set on a desk and will be processed after they return to work.

About three weeks after you deposit your forms with INSS, you get a letter to take to the local Centro Salud and about another three weeks later you get to receive your health service card.

Good luck. 

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