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peña avenida caleta remodelling virgen

Remodelling of Avenida Virgen de La Peña, Caleta
Radio Sintonia:

More than four million euros for the remodeling of Avenida Virgen de la Peña.

The City Council of Antigua in extraordinary plenary session held this Tuesday, May 10 in the morning, and chaired by the mayor, Matías Peña García, resolves to approve the project of Remodeling of the Virgen de La Peña Avenue and delegate the powers to the mayor to expedite the bidding of new projects.


Both points are approved despite coinciding in their vote CC and PP, abstaining from the project of Remodeling of the Virgen de La Peña Avenue in the second phase of Caleta de Fuste and voting against the delegation in the mayor of powers that allow to expedite the bidding of the projects to be executed.

The delegation to the mayor of the competence to approve the work projects when they are not yet foreseen in the budgets, that is, Matías Peña clarifies, while proceeding to include them, allows to accelerate the drafting and bidding of these projects. Taking advantage of the regulatory framework of Law 7/1985 regulating the Bases of Local Regime. Among other aspects, it means that if before a project had to go through two plenary sessions twice, first to approve the project and then the work file, now it will only be necessary once for the approval of the file, speeding up its publication and subsequent tender.
"The other point of great interest, the approval of the remodeling project of the Virgen de La Peña Avenue with a municipal investment of 4,128,905.05 euros," explains the mayor, "means promoting the contracting of all the work services that come and the important improvement in a main road in the second phase of Caleta de Fuste", and adds, Matías Peña that in the coming days this project will go out to tender, including in his report all the favorable reports that he needs from the Technical Office and other departments involved, for its immediate execution.
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