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removal fuerte firms uk

Removal firms from UK to Fuerte.

We are hoping to move to FV in May or June. Any advice on removal firms from the UK to there? Woodside seem to be the most well-known. Any feedback on them or other options please?

Also, any firms for possible pet transfers? Our dog is too large for TUI flights direct to Fuerte so will probably have to be by road. Could fly to Gran Canaria but it's fiddly coordinating our and our doggo's arrival!

Thanks folks :-)
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We did not use Woodside simply because we did not know they existed when we moved, despite the fact that their UK hub is in Gloucester, and we lived in Cheltenham a 10 min drive away Rolleyes but I have used them several time's since and they have been excellent, I have never seen any negative feedback any where about them, and I believe they can organise pet transfers,
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I used these guys and found them very efficient, that was six years ago but hopefully they are still around.

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I'm using Woodside to take my posessions back to the UK at the end of this month.
They've been very helpful, and do regular shipments both ways.
They also do pet transfers.
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Thanks all, really useful replies. TCFreight seem to have disappeared now, sadly.

We have made initial enquiries with Woodside and they are indeed very helpful. I might just check a standard removals firm to make sure their quotes are also competitive.

But thanks again -what a great Forum! And I will post updates for anyone moving in the future :-)
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I endorse the recommendations for Woodside. They did our main move to FV 10 years ago and have done numerous other parcels and furniture since.
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Have worked with Woodside before (albeit on something much smaller than a wholesale move), and found them great. Good luck with your move!
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The advantage of Woodside is they handle the total collection and delivery at both ends, we brought 300Cubic metres over which I think cost circa £3000, but do not quote me on that, again I cannot remember the company, but I think called Slaters based in Nottingham? but was then handed off to someone here, Lanzarote Transport?? who managed to lose 3 boxes, and argued despite the fact the documentation clearly said 66 boxes and there were only 63, argued that that was all there was, we claimed via our insurance which took for ever as we had to unpack everything to identify what was missing, fortunately about 15/16 days later, and before our insurance paid out they turned up with the missing boxes that had been found in Arrecife? the original container was landed in Gran Canaria Rolleyes
I would check who is handling whay and where before you go ahead with anyone.
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Thanks folks, and yes, a salutary warning John. We have also lost the odd box before now!
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