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energy renewable

Renewable energy
from Radio Sintonia:

Canarian Coalition warns about the use of the "public utility" to install solar panels next to the Dunes of Corralejo

«Canary Islands Coalition in Fuerteventura warns about a new attempt to resort to the administrative figure of the“ declaration of public utility ”, so that a multinational electricity company can install a large photovoltaic plant. There would be almost 37,000 solar panels to be located next to the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo, in the Huriamen badlands.

The official announcement of the Ministry of Industry of the Government of the Canary Islands was published during the Christmas holidays (BOE of January 4, 2021), and sets a period of 30 days for those potentially affected by the expropriations of the necessary land to carry out your allegations.

The objective is not only to process the declaration of public utility in this way, but also the environmental impact assessment. The Huriamen I Solar Photovoltaic Installation (ER20 / 1207) is promoted by a subsidiary of the electric multinational Iberdrola. It is 100% private and would receive significant European and national aid.

The Canary Islands Coalition has already repeatedly positioned itself against recourse to this administrative figure of the declaration of "public utility", as in the recent project of the two wind farms of Guerepe, in the municipality of Pájara.

We understand that this administrative figure of 'public utility' is being used to justify projects that are 100% private and whose sole purpose is to do business for a private company. There is no public participation in them.

We share that it is necessary to develop renewable energies. But not just anywhere and in any way. Especially in natural areas or areas of high landscape value, such as the Huriamen badlands, the Dunas Natural Park and its surroundings.

The Government of the Canary Islands is resorting to authorizations via 'declaration of public utility', facilitating facilities for multinational companies where land is cheaper for them.

In this way, a score of wind and photovoltaic projects are currently being managed that together would produce more than 300MW, when the average consumption of Fuerteventura in high tourist season is around 90 MW.

In other words, projects are being prepared to triple the needs of the Island, with which it is difficult to understand them as “of public utility”. The majority owned by multinationals, but some of them at the initiative of brokerage firms that simply seek to sell and resell the projects.
And, in addition, it is affecting areas of high landscape and natural value and causing the reaction of neighbors who see their properties affected by the interests of multinationals, such as Villaverde, El Time, Los Estancos, Cardón, Guerepe, etc. . »
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Not sure I fully understood it.

A private company wants to build a solar farm in the Badlands (where I love to go for regular walks)?
But they want to classify it as some kind of public utility thus getting permission and funding - but ultimately they are a business who will just profit for themselves?

I am all for solar, with my own plans to add solar to my car for camping as well as at home for random testing.

Just wondering if the opposition to the plan is the fact that its buillt in a natural reserve or that its trying to pass off as a public utility...
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It is political. 
Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have an interconnected system but it still suffers greatly by being regional and isolated.  Whilst the peak energy requirement in Fuerteventura is about 125MW currently we all expect it to grow as we move to electric vehicles.  
Being renewable you can’t expect to have 100% when you want it.  The sun does not shine at night and the wind doesn’t always blow.  Renewable suffers from no real form of storage on the islands.
The ‘public utility’ argument is being used by one side to get the projects moving, effectively creating a way to appropriate land and licences.  The other is arguing that there is no public financial interest and therefore it is inappropriate and maybe a way to line the pockets of the big electrical generators.  

We don’t want Repsol drilling for oil.
We don’t want climate change.
We don’t want bird strikes and noise from wind turbines.
We don’t want to see solar farms or have them blocking our walking paths.

We could all turn off our electrical appliances but we are not going to do that.

We want our electricity and we want it when we want it and where we want it so there is no choice but to overbuild.
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A bit more from Radio Sintonia today. I agree it is political but, for or against, it gives details/info that I have not seen elsewhere.

The Canarian Coalition group in the Pájara City Council has presented a motion to the Municipal Plenary to position itself clearly and forcefully against the wind farm projects that are intended to be installed in the heights of the Guerepe mountains, resorting to the declaration route. of public utility, although they belong to private multinationals.
Also, for the City Council to resort to all administrative and judicial means to defend its position, and to provide legal support to affected residents.
We warn that we support clean and renewable energy projects. But not just anywhere. Not for the benefit of multinationals and not resorting to legal 'shortcuts' such as the alleged declaration of 'Public Utility'.
For this reason, we propose that the City Council of Pájara address the Cabildo de Fuerteventura and the Government of the Canary Islands to clearly state its opposition to this proposed declaration of 'Public Utility' for the Guerepere wind farms. And any other of similar characteristics that can be processed, demanding that it be without effect and totally discarded.
Also, that the City Council of Pájara requires that in any new procedure for processing energy production, storage and transport facilities this institution and its neighbors be previously taken into account.
It also seems important to us that the Pájara City Council makes available to the residents affected by these projects and similar, all the administrative and judicial collaboration that it can provide.
And that the Pájara City Council itself agrees to act administratively and judicially against this type of project, adopting all the necessary measures in both areas so that its position is respected and taken care of.
The General Directorate of Energy of the Government of the Canary Islands published on December 18, 2020 the official announcements related to the submission to public information of the requests for administrative authorization, through the figure of the Public Utility Decree, including the environmental impact assessment , for the installation of two wind farms in the municipality of Pájara.
It is, in fact, a large wind farm, which has been divided into two to facilitate processing. But together they add a potential of almost 44 megawatts, to be distributed in nine large wind turbines.
This equipment, together with the transport networks, transformation and storage centers, and complementary facilities, access tracks, etc., are intended to be built and installed on top of the knives in the Guerepe environment. Using plots of private owners and also some publicly owned land for this.
The project is owned by a multinational electricity company, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Wind Farms, SAU, whose headquarters in Spain is based in Vizcaya and which, in reality, is owned by large multinational companies in the electricity sector.
To process the necessary authorizations, they intend to obtain the 'Declaration of Public Utility', which would allow them to reduce environmental requirements and even be able to justify expropriations of affected lands.
The area chosen by the electric multinational has a high landscape and environmental value, as it is located at the top of the mountains near Guerepe. That is why we want to resort to this administrative figure of the 'Public Utility' to justify its installation.
This 'Public Utility' is questionable at best.
In the first place, because it is a 100% private business, belonging to a multinational without headquarters on the Island, and without its own personnel hired on the Island. It does not have any kind of public participation. It has no relationship with the Majorera society.
Secondly, because to carry them out requires the use of public and private plots of land, which also today are not authorized or qualified for these uses.
And thirdly, because these two wind farms currently pending for Guerepe would produce 44 MW.
To these must be added another twenty more wind and photovoltaic projects in process, always resorting to 'administrative shortcuts' and receiving public benefits.
So much so, that the potential production of these twenty projects in process is about 300MW, when the average consumption of Fuerteventura in high tourist season is around 90 MW.
In other words, projects are being prepared to triple the needs of the Island, which makes it difficult to understand them as 'of public utility'.
The only explanation we see for this is that with the use of the 'Public Utility', in reality, the intention is to facilitate the private business of a multinational electricity company that, in addition, will commercialize its production outside the Island through connection networks with other islands.

[Image: 4qMQmoc.jpg]
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What an insightful detailed post regarding energy. I believe in sustainable living. When you limit your energy usage, you lower your impact on the environment. The longer we go without making significant changes, the greater the threat of global warming and climate change become to our daily lives. When we burn fossil fuels, they create an incredible amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore Energy management system also referred to as energy monitoring is important. 
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