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system residency tie

Residency: The new system, TIE
The long awaited revision to the (so called) residency system is almost here. The following is taken from the Brits in Spain Facebook page. 

As you will be aware from our previous posts and the Ambassador’s recent video, the Spanish government is introducing a new residency document for those UK nationals who are protected by the Withdrawal Agreement – the Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero or TIE. We understand that this will be introduced shortly and instructions are being issued to local authorities in the next few days. This will mean a revised appointments process for UK nationals – we expect details to be published on and we will share this information as soon as we have it. We also understand that in some areas there may be a gap of about a week between the current system and the introduction of the new one, where no appointments will be available. This is a change in the system and does nothing to affect your overall rights. Whether you have the green A4 certificate, the green credit card-sized version or whether you are issued directly with the TIE – all remain equally valid in demons.

Further information will follow in due course. 

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Thanks Tom, very useful info.
Just a query, I'm sure I understand the principle but what does 'all remain equally valid in demons' mean? I'm guessing it's a poor translation  Wink
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Tamara,this is how the last paert should translat:

Whether you have the green A4 certificate, the green credit card-sized version or whether you are issued directly with the TIE – all remain equally valid in demonstrating your rights as a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement, even after the end of the Transition Period. You may choose to exchange your current certificate for a TIE in due course, but it is not obligatory.
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does this mean that the ex18 form is no longer applicable for new registrations ?
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I understand that, from 1st July, UK applicants were being turned away, even if they had an appointment in place.
It is the consensus of opinion that it could take a week or so for the new system to be implemented.
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So now we will get a physical plastic photo card instead of the green paper or card - Nice!
I don't need to carry my passport around anymore.
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(02-07-2020, 03:37 PM)stewart1875 Wrote: does this mean that the ex18 form is no longer applicable for new registrations ?

It seems that EX20 replaces EX18. Here's a link EX20 Form
Then complete EX23 once TIE issued EX23 and take to the Police station.
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TIE  question

We come to Fuerteventura frequently (and indeed, got trapped in the lockdown).  We often spend  4 months or so here over the UK winter,  plus a trip in summer and a trip in the autumn. We stay in a hotel for our stay, so we don't even rent a property, but we do  probably spend more than 6 months a year here when all the visits are combined.

We are not sure if we are breaking any residency rules, as we heard there is a maximum permitted stay of 3 months,  but we have never been challenged, and never applied for any kind of visa extension.

Can anyone give some guidance for the following, please, in view of the fast approaching 31 December cut off:

Do we have to apply for the new TIE  card, because of our lengthy visits?

If so, does this mean we become a 'resident',  and are there Spanish tax implications? 

What do we gain from registering,   particularly after 31 December 2020 ?  Like protection of some rights??

What paperwork is required to register (eg  bank statements, health insurance, address etc)?

We would appreciate  some heads up on this!

Thank you in advance
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If you stay in Spain for more than 183 days in a year you should register with the Spanish authorities to pay tax due in Spain. There is a three month (90 day in 180 day) limit on your stay. It has always existed within the Schengen rules but not been enforced but may be after Dec this year. You really need to take legal advise on this. TBH
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Miguel at The Boxx Pro is running a one hour Facebook live session this Friday if you are interested - 

We used Miguel for our Residency back in December 2018
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