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corralejo road guirre pavement improvements

Road & pavement improvements, C/Guirre Corralejo

The event is scheduled tomorrow at 9:00 am (access from Pedro Guy Van Daele Avenue, from the roundabout next to Dulce de Leche, in the direction of Mercadona)

La Oliva, on August 20, 2019. The City Council of La Oliva invites the media to attend the organized visit to explain at the beginning of the works on Guirre de Corralejo street.

The event will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, August 21, at 9:00 a.m. on Guirre Street itself, with the participation of the mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, the Councilor for Barrios, Marcelino Umpiérrez, the Councilor for Works and Services, Oliver González, and the responsible technicians.

The project called 'CONDITIONING OF STEELS IN GEAFOND' has a budget of 1.1 million euros, and a period of execution of 9 months, including actions such as repair of sidewalks, street furniture or bike lane.


Guirre Street gives access from Corralejo to the urbanization of Geafond, known as Natural Park.

Detour from the Pedro Guy Van Daele Avenue roundabout, near Dulce de Leche pastry in the direction of Mercadona.

From Tamara:
This is the road leading from what I refer to as the Tamarindo roundabout (British Shop, Nico's Belgian Beer etc) up to Mercadona. An alternative route to avoid any possible congestion would be to leave Corralejo on the new motorway but turn off at the electric substation and go past Marina Heights, Municpal Pool, BahiAzul and down to Mercadona.

This is long overdue work as the pavements have been abysmal for years, very poor quality paving blocks that disintegrated almost as soon as they were laid, lethal after dark!

I'm just concerned that like in other streets the creation of a bike lane will remove the on-street parking that is currently available in the much of this road.
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RTVAC today:

With the works on Guirre de Corralejo Street, the City Council of La Oliva undertakes the rehabilitation of sidewalks in the Natural Park Urbanization (Geafond)

This week the renovation and extension work on sidewalks, bike lanes, accessibility improvement, lighting and street furniture has begun, with an investment of 1.1 million euros (FDCAN co-financing) in the first section of this road

This week, the rehabilitation works on Guirre Street, in Corralejo, have begun a project of the City Council of La Oliva that has an investment of 1,160,730 euros, which will allow the renovation and expansion of the sidewalks, creating a bike lane, improving accessibility conditions and install new urban equipment, in the first section of this road.

This project begins, said the mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, to a program of actions to rehabilitate the streets of this urbanization. "The area known as Natural Park or Geafond has deteriorated a lot since it was built, about twenty years ago. That is why now, having improved the economic situation of the City Council, we can begin to renovate public spaces."

Isaí Blanco visited the area with councilors Marcelino Umpiérrez and Oliver González. The latter, as responsible for Works and Services, reported that "these works will allow the renovation and expansion of the sidewalks, adapt the road to the needs of accessibility, including bike lanes and also restore equipment such as gardens, street furniture and lighting."

As on previous occasions, González requested understanding, because "although we know the works cause discomfort, they are necessary to improve the services that the neighbors demand."

Marcelino Umpiérrez, as Councilor for Neighborhoods, Tourism and Commerce, said that "the improvement of this first section of Guirre Street is not only positive for people who live here, but also for shops and hotel establishments in the area."

Considering the high costs involved in the renovation of sidewalks (an estimated 14 million euros for the entire urbanization), the municipal representatives explained that the rehabilitation of the Geafond - Natural Park area will be carried out by sections and through successive projects of renewal.

Project features

The project called 'Conditioning and Accessibility of Sidewalks in Guirre de Geafond Street', written by the municipal architect Felix Montelongo, proposes the rehabilitation of this road in the 700-meter section that goes from the intersection with Pedro Guy Van Daele Avenue to The next roundabout.

The project has a maximum execution period of nine months, although the forecasts are made in a shorter time.

The project proposes the creation of an accessible itinerary in this section, with new and wider sidewalks, a bike lane, tactical pavements for blind people, or the conditioning of the road at the level of ramps and intersections for people with reduced mobility. At the same time, the landscaped areas will be renewed and rearranged, new lighting, wastebaskets and transport canopies will be installed, and the necessary pipelines will be adapted.


After bidding this year for an amount of 1,261,416.64 euros, the execution of this project was awarded to the UTE Construcciones Rodríguez Ramírez SA and Tecnología de la Construcción y Obras Públicas SA, for an amount of 1,160,730 euros.

This investment is included in the FDCAN Fuerteventura 2017-2020 Program, in which the City Council of La Oliva, the Cabildo de Fuerteventura participates in its processing and part of its financing, and with the economic boost of the Canary Islands Government.

Works worth 4 million this year

The municipality of La Oliva has awarded this year public works worth 4 million euros. 1.5 million correspond to a fully municipal investment, the Reasphalting Plan currently in execution, and the remaining 2.5 million are works co-financed within the FDCAN.

These projects are the resurfacing of the Vallebrón - Tindaya road (335,000 euros), which has already been completed; works that are underway such as Guirre Street (1.1 million euros) or the Rainwater Channeling and Accessibility Improvement on Calle Playa Cho León Street (317,390 euros); and it remains to begin the resurfacing of the road between Lajares and Majanicho, a project awarded for 530,000 euros.

[Image: l7QkZuD.jpg]  [Image: IX9cpTq.jpg] 

[Image: 9QXxp9R.jpg] looks like they've started outside Las Americas/Las Fuentes.
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(20-08-2019, 09:45 PM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: I'm just concerned that like in other streets the creation of a bike lane will remove the on-street parking that is currently available in the much of this road.

Checking the pics provided, it looks like the parking situation won't be as bad. Thumbs Up Fingers Crossed
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The areas either side of the road in the Las Americas I & II/Las Fuentes section have been completely denuded of plants and trees - lots of concrete in evidence - a big dusty mess at the moment!

The area lower than this, Las Americas roundabout through to Tamarindo roundabout: they have removed all the big palm trees on the Tamarindo side - sacrilege! These were some of the oldest and best specimens of this type of palm on the island! Perhaps 20 or 30 gone  Cry
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Probably moved to a local official's garden Tamara.  

Reminds me of the time here in Bristol when they dug up and removed the lovely old flagstone pavements in a not-so-well-to-do area and replaced them with tarmac then, lo and behold, the flagstones were relaid in a swish part of Bristol, Clifton Village.
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Down that way today and they have now removed virtually ALL the palms from the verges on both sides of the roads  Cry 

[Image: 4xB93xw.jpg] [Image: SjFgQjg.jpg] [Image: YXAzLHY.jpg]
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some pics taken today

[Image: DwSg3WS.jpg] [Image: veZhD0y.jpg] [Image: fFswHNh.jpg]

[Image: UNcNsAE.jpg] [Image: Z3qyAYs.jpg] [Image: gnhhkKl.jpg]

[Image: n8oG6Xj.jpg] [Image: TKY7kL4.jpg] [Image: dbdFfS0.jpg]
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Managed to drive down the hill from Mercadona today. The paving looks just about completed in the section between Las Americas and Las Fuentes and it's great to see they have included lots of parking on the Las Fuentes side of the road. Working on lights etc.
Further down, from Las Fuentes to the Tamarindo roundabout the paving on either side is nearly complete but the roads/middle section is a complete mess still - long way to go. Difficult to see what, if any, parking provision has been made. Nowhere to stop and take a pic. Looks dreadful without all the big old palms.  Cry  And very strange without the big columns/entranceway to the street off the roundabout opposite Nico's.

[Image: eAhHAfF.jpg] [Image: Rw5i30j.jpg] [Image: azaMyzv.jpg]
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The above mentioned section was largely completed a while back, with new plantings in place.

I noticed yesterday that boards have gone up announcing the start of the next phase:

[Image: sFfb3NG.jpg] [Image: vcau34j.jpg]

These are at the bottom of Calle Guirre by the Topkapi complex.
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