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fuerteventura southern robberies

Robberies in southern Fuerteventura
Radio Sintonia:

Arrested the perpetrators of eight robberies with violence committed in the tourist area of southern Fuerteventura.

These robberies created a great social alarm among hoteliers because they took advantage mainly of tourists in a state of drunkenness to attack them and steal their wallets and / or mobile terminals when they a nightlife area

The Civil Guard of the island of Fuerteventura in the framework of Operation Martin@, has arrested four young people aged between 17 and 18 years, and a 34-year-old man, all of them with Police records, for the alleged authorship of eight crimes of robbery with violence committed and a crime of robbery with force committed in a restaurant committed between the months of February and April 2023, in the town of Morro Jable, creating great social alarm among hoteliers.

Complaints and main inquiries

The Civil Guard became aware of the facts following a wave of complaints received at the Main Post of Morro Jable from January, for criminal acts not common in the area, since they occurred in just three months, eight robberies with violence or intimidation against people.

The complainants, mostly men, stated that when they left a well-known leisure area in the south of the island after having ingested undetermined amounts of alcohol, several hooded youths who had previously followed them, wearing dark clothes, approached from behind and violently assaulted them.

Faced with this circumstance they took advantage of the defenselessness of their victims since they were a large number of interveners, they cornered their victims and in the case that they resisted, they violently attacked them to get their belongings stolen, in most cases they were their wallets, mobile terminals or other objects of great value, perpetrating these robberies in the wee hours of the morning and in dark areas with little traffic.

Given all this, in some of the complaints the Civil Guard participated that there had been no violence, but taking advantage of the fact that tourists and some residents carried mobile terminals or bags in their hands, between two and four people performed what is colloquially known as "pull", snatching the objects reviewed.

Police monitoring and surveillance

Immediately, the Civil Guard initiated an investigation, based on the study of the information and data collected, determining how all robberies were committed in a defined area during the early mornings, using the same modus operandi, also creating these facts a great social alarm among the tourism sector and the hoteliers themselves.

All this led the investigators to establish a specific surveillance device in conjunction with the study of the frames collected in nearby surveillance systems, resulting in the location of the alleged perpetrators who also on one of the occasions, after twenty minutes perpetrated a robbery with force, in a well-known restaurant in the area forcing the main access door.

With the identification of the alleged perpetrators, they were arrested, attributing to each of them different degrees of participation, and thus clarifying nine crimes against property, continuing the investigation with the aim of recovering the stolen objects, not ruling out new arrests.

The detainees in conjunction with the Police proceedings instructed for that purpose, were at the disposal of the acting Court of Guard of Puerto del Rosario.
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Allegedly there has been a spate of thefts from unattended belongings along the corralejo dunes in recent weeks.
This is purely from hearsay.
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Thanks for the warning David, and thanks for pointing out it is hearsay. Nevertheless it serves as a good reminder to be careful with your belongings. An anti-theft bag alarm is cheap, and quick and easy to use, I'm surprised more people don't use them on the beaches.
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In the past the southern beaches have been so safe I doubt anybody thought of theft. I've seen stuff left overnight (Phone,sunglasses for example) and not touched until the person returns the next morning.
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