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Royal Kookabura furniture store
Hi All,

Anyone any experiences good or bad?
We are putting together an order to furnish our apartment and really like this store.
We have been in a number of times, lovely quirky pieces and traditional furniture.
Seems they deliver and put together pieces where needed.
They will store for 2 months, longer if paid in full after this.
I noticed a write up in the Hoy magazine in December.
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Hi Jason,
Been in a couple of times for a look see. Some very unusual stuff alright. Some is “regular” some “quirky” some “strange” but generally pretty pricey & not a lot to my taste. Not keen on the “driftwood” look but each of us is different & I don’t imagine for a second that I have great taste. Well, my wife keeps telling me that anyway 😁😁
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As Ron has we went in a couple of, times and were going to buy some furniture for the terraces from there, but found better quality at Centrogar. There is certainly some Quirky some might say odd stuff in there, but not at all to our taste.
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Yes, we are all different. If I had my way, I'd go for a house full of Kookabura quirky furniture !
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We've visited the store quite a few times, never bought anything. Due two reasons - or too quirky or too expensive. Blush

Some extra info:

Open Mon-Sat 10am - 8pm

Website: www.royalkookabura.com

Phone: (+34) 928 543 447 or (+34) 627 122 976

email: info@royalkookabura.com

I Heart Fuerteventura
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(09-01-2020, 02:31 PM)Emmi Smith Wrote: Yes, we are all different. If I had my way, I'd go for a house full of Kookabura quirky furniture !

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If you are ordering several items from them they can be open to giving a discount. 
Friends bought a lifesize elephant from there several years ago. Paid in full in cash upfront (2 month's in advance of anticipated arrival of the elephant on the island) in return for free delivery and hi-ab into garden. When delivery time came around the store had 'forgotten' about the delivery arrangement and it took a lot of arguing to get them to uphold their side of the deal. Get everything in writing!
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Been in there loads of times, bought a few nick nacks also some surfboard photo frames, they are expensive, furniture never interested me as not suited to my apartment, would love some as garden furniture but my garden/patio is just not big enough.
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