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rental contract checking rumoured by army

Rumoured rental contract checking by army?
Please note, this is an unconfirmed rumour and I have no proof that it is happening. 

I am instead asking if anyone has heard anything about this, nothing more. I don't want to start a panic.

We just heard from the neighbours that the army are going door to door to check if people have long term rental contracts, or are staying on a holiday let basis. Presumably they are trying to identify all tourists, and encouraging them to leave. 

Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone have any more information? What about long-term owner occupiers who are not permanent residents and are not planning to leave?

Would appreciate any and all information here!
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Recall reading about the army helping to Police the roads etc. I can't imagine how would checking and possibly moving long term tourists (non residents) out of the island help in the current situation. Especially with a very limited amount of flights. I would expect them knocking on the doors, checking on elderly people to make sure they have enough of water, food and medicines. Huh
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