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finally back ryanair refund account

Ryanair Refund finally back in our account
Just an update on our cancelled April flight.  Our refund was credited back to our current account yesterday.

We originally asked for a refund and were told that this would take sometime but do not apply a second time for the same refund.  Without asking, we received a link to a voucher which we didn't accept.

Last week we did an online chat and were told we were no longer in the refund queue as they had sent us a voucher.  When we explained that we had not requested a voucher they told us that they would pass our request on.  And then as if by magic 3 days later the Money is now finally back in our account.
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Congrats Nemo, glad to see some good news about the worst European Airline too, for a change. 👍💯🛫
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Well still no refund from RA for my 30th April flight. According to RA all refunds for April will be completed by July 15th so just 3 days wait left for me to wait. Be waiting up until midnight on 15th July no doubt.
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Hi Beachlife ,I too was booked to fly on 30th April. Contacted chat bot yesterday and told it could now be end of July for refund. 
I would be happy with a voucher but as I originally paid part voucher for booking I am to be refunded part voucher part cash . Just more delaying tactics from Lie on air
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Hi Derry sent an email using reply to one they sent informing me that all April flights would be paid by mid-July still no reply.

Not surprised that not received any refund as yet as it's obviously more important RA keep the funds in their account than mine.

Just what is the point of EU rules if an EU airline (Europes largest carrier) can ignore the rules. Bet if I broke any rules I would be held to account immediately. Seems one rule for big corporations & a different one for the man in the street. Just hope there is an enquiry into how this was dealt with by all airlines.
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They, and others have been formally warned by the Competition & Markets Authority of their obligations. Doesn't seem to bother RA.

We decided to take the vouchers plus bonus from EasyJet, and have already spent them on new flights today. They have flights for sale up to Sept 2021 now!
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After flying out to the island on 7th March our flight back to the U.K. was scheduled for 25th March but was cancelled very late on 17th March with no information provided as to how to get an 81yo lady home.

Once home by other means I applied for a cash refund on 29th March and finally got my Money back for this return leg on 13th August (19 weeks and 2 days later). No explanation or apology as to why there were no rescue flights. 

The airport remained open the whole time and the last plane back to the U.K. was a hastily arranged EasyJet flight on 29th March so it was perfectly possible to fly.

Taking into account all additional costs to get the two of us back to East Midlands airport via Lanzarote and Gatwick on 28th March I am £570 out of pocket, which I think is probably pretty good.

Many lessons learned, but at least that saga is over.
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Wow 19 weeks is long. I think my flights all got refunded within ten weeks.
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