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bag november 2018 rules ryanair

Ryanair's new bag rules from today 1st November 2018
It's the second time this year Ryanair changed the baggage policies, this time for the worst. You can take only small bag on board if you don't want to pay extra.

Bit of info from Ryanair's website:

All passengers are entitled to bring 1 small personal bag on board which must fit under the seat in front of you (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Examples include, handbag, laptop bag and small backpack.

Non-priority customers who wish to bring a second larger wheelie bag (10kg weight) must purchase the 10kg Check-in Bag.


The 10kg Check-in Bag costs €/£8 if purchased during the initial flight booking, or €/£10 if added online after booking via the Manage my Booking facility.

Non-priority customers who have not added a bag to their booking can still purchase a 10kg wheelie bag at the airport bag drop desk for €/£20 or €/£25 at the boarding gate.

Please be advised, If non-priority customers’ 1 free small bag doesn’t fit in the bag size then they will pay a gate bag fee of €/£25 and their bag will be tagged and placed in the aircraft hold and will be collected at the baggage belt in the destination.  

Main benefits of this new policy will be reduced flight delays and cheaper checked bag option. Pack more liquids into a 10kg checked wheelie bag. Walk to the boarding gate 'hands free.'

The 10kg wheelie bag must be deposited at the airport bag drop desk prior to entering security. 

The 10kg Check-in Bag can be purchased up to 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time, and is non-refundable.


Passengers with medical equipment can still bring these items on board free of charge subject to pre-clearance by our special assistance team.

There's one way to get the small suitcase on board a tiny bit cheaper than the £8.


Just purchase the £6/€6  priority boarding and will be able to take the 10kg wheelie and a small bag into the cabin with you without the need to wait for the carousel once you've landed.
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That is my one & only gripe with Ryanair !! 
I detest being shoehorned into their “options”. Who is going to travel to Fuerte (or anywhere else that is a holiday destination & not a quick business meeting) with just a handbag/laptop bag !! 
This now means (for the average couple) extra cost of either 2 x priority boarding OR 2 x 10kg cases in the hold PLUS 2 x seats if they want to sit together. This puts a minimum of £45 onto what (at minimum flight costs) could be £110 return for two flights. Starting to get out of proportion me thinks, that is approx 40% on “extras” that aren’t really extras. Why not just give a realistic flight price with seats & bags included !!
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I guess "a realistic flight price" wouldn't bring as much of business. The adverts also sounds much better saying "Flights to Spain from £4.99" than "£49.99". I'm honestly glad that they have to include the tax and card fees too these days. 

Talking about the prices ...
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Ryanair seem to struggle with communication - both with passengers and crew!  Constantly changing the baggage policy is confusing and will alienate some passengers.  The crazy thing is that buying Priority Boarding is so cheap, and guarantees the ability to take a 10kg bag on board, but the number of Priority Boarding passengers is limited, so it's "first come, first served".

I'd be much happier if they just sorted out a sensible policy and then stuck to it.  But, at the end of the day, even after adding on all the miscellaneous optional charges, it's still a very economical way to travel.
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That is very true bedouin. I just booked 10 days in mid Jan last week with priority boarding & seats for two people for roughly £160 couldn’t be better really. Mind you, from Scotland we don’t have a lot of choice. It’s either Ryanair of Jet2. I think Thomas Cook did fly from Glasgow but haven’t looked for a while  Big Grin
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I actually think that O’Leary thinks he is so far above us plebs that we couldn’t possibly see through his scheming ????
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(01-11-2018, 09:45 PM)Spitfire58 Wrote: Mind you, from Scotland we don’t have a lot of choice. It’s either Ryanair of Jet2. I think Thomas Cook did fly from Glasgow but haven’t looked for a while  Big Grin

Have you been considering flights to/from Gran Canaria (LPA)? We're flying quite often from there due to better departure times. It's only one extra (30 min long) flight and can get you more options. There's also another way we've used a few times. Stopover in Madrid, Barcelona or Amsterdam. It all depends where in Scotland you're based and the dates, obviously. But I'm sure it's worth the look.
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I just wonder how much chaos it will cause at bag drop in the airports.when we flew out from Edinburgh this time before this new rule there was a considerable queue at bag drop, but now there will be many more people checking bags in so the queues will become longer.
We have family travelling home today and they have to check in their hand luggage so it will be interesting to see how Fuerteventrua airport copes with this extra load.
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Quite handy though that you can now bring liquids out in a bag for £8. Just a pity you don't seem to be able to check-in a 10kg bag when you book priority boarding!
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This bag drop of which you speak. Is it a separate desk or the normal check in desk? only if you have to queue up to "drop" a bag off it kind of makes it a bit pointless. I can`t remember the last time I took hold luggage, always manage with a carry on cabin bag. But there again, I usually travel EasyJet. I did fall foul of the one cabin bag only rule though, through a bit of misinterpretation on my part and had to rearrange things hastily in the boarding tunnel. Bit of a daft rule really, it would have been ok if the second bag had been a clearly marked duty free shop bag.
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