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hours ryanair

Ryanair to shut down for 12 hours
Ryanair said the shutdown from 5 PM on Wednesday to 5 AM on Thursday is needed to upgrade their system. It must be a massive operation if they need 12 hours IMO.

Ryanair apologised for any inconvenience, and urged their customers needing to check in to do so before the closure.
If you are due to travel this Wednesday or Thursday morning, do check-in early to get your boarding pass otherwise it'll cost you.
Ryanair's policy is to charge customers an extra £55 if they need to check in at an airport, and the airline says all fees will stay in force.
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Wow, that's a long shutdown!
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(05-11-2018, 04:46 PM)bedouin Wrote: Wow, that's a long shutdown!

I'm expecting at least the whole new website and booking system.

...or there was some hack or somebody found a massive security hole and they have to change the whole core? Huh
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