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language schools barriers

Schools and language barriers
Hi everyone, this is the first time I have used this site so I apologise if I’m using it wrong. 
I have four young children 2 of which are due to be in school I have been advised not to enrol them in the middle of a school term as this can be quite overwhelming for them. They have very little experience with using the Spanish language, I try to use words when I can unfortunately my Spanish is not very good either so it’s just the basics. If anyone could give me any advice or guidance in regards to schooling I would really appreciate it. 
Thankyou, Scarlett.
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I cannot help except to say that from what I have seen on various other sites, children adapt very quickly when going to a Spanish school, and pick up the language with some speed.  It has been said that within 6 months, they can be fluent.  Perhaps a weekly private lesson would help in the meantime. Where are you based on the island?
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I agree to a certain extent with Emmi, and in my experience the younger they are the quicker they pick it up, I have two friends one with an 11 year old who has been at school here for about a year, and she is learning pretty quickly the other a 10 year old who has been here about the same time but is not getting it at all, it is fair to say they are at different schools so not an even playing field.
My personal experience being born in West Wales of a Welsh father and an Italian mother is, Welsh and Italian I could speak as a 5-year-old, and when we moved to a predominantly English speaking part of Wales, I picked English up reasonably quickly, I believe personally the more they are exposed to it the better, but that is a purely personal opinion.
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Welcome to the forum Scarlett!

The younger your children are the more likely they are to settle on the island and adjust to all the sudden changes in their lives.

But, the later your kids will start visiting school or interacting with local children, the longer it will take for them to learn the language. The beginning months will be hard, no matter when they'll start but it'll get better after a while.

Spanish TV could be very helpful too, as well as taking them out to be around locals - beach or plaza where they can make friends, etc.

Youtube or DuoLingo could is pretty handy too:

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You need to start your children in school as soon as possible. It will be overwhelming at any time of a school term.

My children started in Spanish school in 2003 when they were aged 9 and 6. It was so difficult for them but by the end of the school year they had both learned enough Spanish to pass all their exams at the end of the school year.

You'll need to help them a lot. We spent hours translating classwork and homework to help them along. 

My daughter went on to get a Degree and a Masters Degree in Spain, and is now teaching English and French to Spanish students in a Madrid High School.  My son now teaches Spanish and English on Fuerteventura.
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