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light polllution shearwaters

Shearwaters and light polllution
The Cabildo de Fuerteventura through the Ministry of Environment, Fight against Climate Change, Circular Economy and R & D & I, in its work of protection and conservation of wildlife, takes place during these months of September, October and November on the island of Fuerteventura the "Campaign of the Pardela (Calonectris diomedea borealis)".

The coast of Fuerteventura concentrates important nesting areas of shearwaters, and during the nights of the months of September to November, most chickens leave the moon-oriented nest. However, light pollution in urban areas dazzles these species by diverting them from their route inland and causing them to collide with street lamps, power lines and even outrages, and when they collide, they fall against the ground and even if they have not suffered injuries, they do not They are able to fly again by themselves.

Therefore, during this campaign, surveillance, collection, care and subsequent release of these birds are carried out, while at the same time trying to raise awareness about the importance of citizen collaboration and cooperation between Public Administrations and other public bodies , local Police, civil protection, civil guard, among others, thanks to which they have been able to recover and release a hundred shear so far this year.

Likewise, the Minister of the area, Marlene Figueroa, wanted to emphasize the importance of avoiding light pollution on our island, both by public and / or private organizations and establishments, as well as by the population in general.

"We must be increasingly aware of using intelligent lighting that prevents light pollution to preserve emblematic species such as these shearwaters, especially on an island that is a Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve. Let's take care of the night to conserve our fauna," he added the counselor.

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The Ministry of Environment of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura organizes the release of half a hundred shearwaters.
Activity framed within the Environmental Awareness Campaign with the participation of four educational centers on the island.

The Ministry of Environment of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, directed by Marlene Figueroa, together with the Ministry of Education, directed by María Jesús de la Cruz, began the workshops on Cinderella Pardela, which includes the release of these protected species. An activity framed within the Environmental Awareness Campaign by the Insular Ministry of the area.

Coinciding with the breeding season of Cinderella Pardela, about 200 students of CEIP Tostón and CEIP La Hubara, participated yesterday in the release of 16 shearwaters that had been collected the previous days by the Environment Services and which was hosted with great applause in the town of El Cotillo, where students also received information on the protection of these birds against possible incidents caused, above all, by the public light.

For the Minister Marlene Figueroa, “from the Ministry of Environment, through this campaign with workshops by the different schools, minimize the incidents at a time of special importance for the increase of the population of this protected species, in the that the youngest, through awareness-raising activities of this kind, should know their level of protection, bringing them closer to the necessary commitment to the environment and their own context. ”

For María Jesús de la Cruz, Insular Councilor for Education, "activities carried out with the purpose of relating the knowledge imparted in regulated training with the reality of the environment as field work outside the classroom, where schoolchildren get to know and study firsthand our majorera fauna ”.

Upcoming talks and release of shearwaters will be given in two other schools in the south of Fuerteventura this Friday, November 8.
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