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motor gate remotes openers sliding etc

Sliding gate openers - motor & remotes etc
I’m looking for shops that sell sliding gate openers - motor & remotes etc.

I know Puertas MG and Boutique Del Cerrajero Gallardo Torilo sell them.  Any other suggestions.
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There's a company in PdR that might be able to help - https://www.daselaluminios.com/ Never used myself, just looked around and they mentioned automatic puertas @ their website. Same with this one in Gran Tarajal - https://puertoma.com/

Also found a company in GC and they seems to have plenty of motors here - https://www.portore.com/index.php/produc...accesorios
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We had ours installed a couple of years ago the contact email is - 'Tenesor Sanchez Santana' tenesorsanchez@hotmail.es
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