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feature water solar

Solar Water Feature
Anyone know if there are any solar water features available on the Island?

Thanks in anticipation.
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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Hi John,
There are some in the new China shop at El Mattoral. In the bit in between the front & back depts, not sure if they are solar though, cheers . . Ron
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I'm looking for one too.
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Have seen some in Ideal, inside the door and over on the far left on a shelf backing on to the street. Much more fun however, to buy a solar water pump from Amazon for about £10 and make your own with rocks and shells readily available.  They are so good, I am getting another one to power an irrigation network for our plants. Placed under a small sky-facing tube, it can be made to gently water while the sun shines down the tube for a few minutes each day. Obviously can be angled for morning, noon or evening sunlight.
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