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receiving spain with children fv ukraine cancer

Spain & FV receiving children from Ukraine
I was asked to add this to the forum by one of our members who said she was proud to be living in Spain - hear hear!

From TellerReport:

Some thirty children with cancer from Ukraine arrive in Madrid this Friday on an army plane to continue their treatment in Spain.

On Tuesday, help was requested and in just three days

a complex logistical and health device has been put into operation to make possible the arrival in Spain this Friday, from Krakow (Poland), of thirty children with cancer along with their families , to be treated and welcomed by various hospitals where they can continue their treatments.
The demand came from the Spanish Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (SEHOP), which had in turn received a distress call from its international counterparts (SIOP), concerned about the situation faced by patients after the invasion of Russia .

After 14 days of war, some Ukrainian cities have been left without electricity and running water, and Russian army bombs have even fallen on hospitals, causing deaths and rendering facilities and equipment useless, forcing health personnel and patients to seek refuge in the basements of buildings.

In the midst of the horror of war there are people especially vulnerable to precariousness.

For a child with cancer, interrupting his treatment even for a few days means assuming a high risk

, because the speed of reproduction of cancer cells is much higher at an early age.
Therefore, a medicalized plane was needed to carry out the transfer and coordinate the logistics to relocate the evacuees in the shortest possible time.
Some associations of relatives of children with cancer, such as the

Aladina Foundation,


Madrid Children's Oncology Association

(Asiom) or the

Pablo Ugarte Association

, immediately got down to work to speed up the entire process.
And the response from the minister, Margarita Robles, putting the Army at the service of the operation, came to them right away.
"We have the plane," she repeated to herself over and over again in the messages that the promoters of the initiative enthusiastically sent each other throughout Tuesday.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, confirmed this Thursday that the first group of kids with their families will arrive tomorrow, Friday , on an army plane that will land in Madrid and distribute patients to four hospitals in the capital.

But it is expected that, over the next few days, three other groups of children may arrive , who would be treated respectively in Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante and Seville.
In total, Spain could receive around a hundred children with cancer.
Other countries such as the United Kingdom and Israel have also responded to the call of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology.

Sánchez made the announcement during a visit to one of the three large reception and reception centers for Ukrainian refugees, the one located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid).

"We want to give special attention to children with illnesses so that they can be treated properly and with all the guarantees in the health network of our country," explained the president.
In principle, during the first four days, these minors and their families will stay in hotels in the capital, but permanent accommodation is already being sought for them in the cities where they will receive medical care.

link to original article

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I've changed the Thread title to encompass another initiative.

From Radio Sintonia today, some orphaned children arrived in FV:

19 Ukrainian refugees arrive in Fuerteventura today, 16 of them children.
This afternoon on a flight from Budapest, which will land around 18:00 hrs at the airport of El Matorral, after having managed to escape from areas subjected to heavy bombardment by the Russian army, the first group of refugees, mostly minors, who resided in an orphanage and who arrive accompanied by a group of volunteers who shared with them a dangerous odyssey of more than 9 days will arrive in Fuerteventura to be able to cross the border to a safe place.

After an initiative of the City Council of La Oliva to organize a collection of material that was destined for humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Ukraine, it was decided to contact the residents of that country in the municipality and Natalia Karpukhina requested after a meeting with the mayor, the municipal collaboration to be able to welcome children from an orphanage in her country.
From that moment, from the discretion and the moral and solidary commitment, all possible steps were initiated, reaching contact by the City Council with the Spanish embassies of the border countries, and working on enabling a municipal space that would serve to cover the needs that were raised, while the collection campaign was maintained with the hope that its recipients would become the minors who were expected to reach La Oliva.
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From Radio Sintonia:

The mayor of La Oliva, Pilar González intervened today on the radio to assess the situation of the first refugees of the war in Ukraine that Fuerteventura hosts.

To the 16 minors and 3 adults who arrived on the island on Friday from Budapest, as already reported by this media, a family with 9 members is added. It is a married couple and their seven children, aged between 3 months and 15 years, who have managed to escape the bombing of their city through the border with Hungary. All these people are housed in the Hostel of El Cohombrillo and for the moment, except for some specific case, La Oliva will not receive more people, since as he explained in the microphones of the radio González, "although the alberque has a capacity for 40 or 50 people, we do not want them to be overcrowded".

The mayor also indicated that since the lodging is covered, any economic contribution for its maintenance would be good, hence the institution enables an account for this purpose.


Donaciones Ecomonicas

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