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but where caleta squatters

Squatters in Caleta - but where?
I follow the FB page Fuerte Crimewatch and it has been reported that there are some  new squatters somewhere in Caleta. This was the post  "If you use a key safe box outside your apartment it’s worth rethinking. An apartment was broken into and has squatters because they smashed the key box off the wall and let themselves in with the key....Caleta area"

Does anyone know whwere this happened as I have asked twice on the post on  which complex this is happening but for some odd reason, there is no reply to my questions.
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I know there are a couple of squatters on Caleta Alta, got in using a similar method but have since changed the locks, whether this is the info you are looking for I am not sure, these are a Spanish couple.
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95% of those key boxes can be overcome in less than a minute.

I would not recommend using them at all, especially without further home security.
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I would expect the key safe box being empty most of the time.

In ideal world, the cleaner will clean the property and leave the key in the box. This all should happen just a couple of hours prior the arrival of the new tenants.
After their holiday, the tenants will leave the key in the safe box and a couple of hours later the cleaner will be back to pick the bedding, check the damage overall and report back to the homeowners.

People leaving the key in the safe box all the time should rethink their strategy completely. Huh
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Alarming news. Might have to consider increased security for when we leave for the summer. 

Good luck to everyone who has had to deal with this; my sympathies are with you.
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If you do need to use a key safe, below is a link to the one my mother had installed by social services. Apparently it is approved by the Police and household insurance companies.
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A keysafe by the door is a blatant advert to crooks that the place is often vacant.

Put it round the corner, or somewhere less visible, preferably in a recess. Guests can use their phone torch if it's a dark place.
It is only as secure as the fixing to the wall. They can just pull it off and take away to open, then come back and walk in.
An absolute minimum is a 'shield anchor'. Four of those for €5 would give you plenty of entertainment watching them try to get it off Smile

As our local Police crime prevention officer said, "All you need to do is to make your place less attractive to criminals than another one nearby."
However, she also said "If the Ba****ds want to get in, they will"..
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Unfortunately I have first hand experience of squatters.  I was over for a week at the beginning of December to clean our place.
Part of that exercise was to change the locks.  I came back out to refit new appliances and beds etc a couple of weeks ago.  Also to redecorate and tidy up
the garden.  I arrived approx 9 o'clock at night so it was dark.  When I got to our place I found we had a squatter.  He had broken
in by breaking the barrel locks on the door(s) (one was bolted on the inside so still could not be opened).  When I confronted him 
he decided to leave.  The method he used is very common.  The Euro cylinder locks are very common and also very easy to break into.
Probable not a good idea to go into detail but I needed to do it to a garden gate lock and it took me no more than 2 minutes.  Unfortunately
I had no other option than to refit the same type of  locks as there is nothing else available on the island.  I have made arrangements for new locks 
from the Uk to be fitted asap.  They are not cheap approx £150 for 3 new locks but they are secure and cannot be broken into as easily as
the current locks on the island.  They are designed in such away that the method used to break in does not work.  You can also (which I am doing)
ordering them so one key will fit all locks.  Should anyone try and break in and damage the locks I can reorder a new lock on line and I can continue
to use the same keys.  Also should I need new keys I can again order on line and have them sent they keep your unique records.  I have these locks fitted at 
my home in the UK and they work very well except when the kids lose the keys and have to pay£6 for a new one
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Great suggestion Si, having all cylinders keyed alike is always handy. At least, until you lost the key and have to replace all barrels. You can also go with a master system where key #1 would unlock the entrance door & the backyard door. Key #2 would work on the garage door (where your tenants are not allowed for example). You as the owner would carry a master key that will open all of them, plus all of the doors at the place you're currently living in.

No need to order the barrels online from the UK. You can buy anti-snap Euro profile cylinders in Fuerteventura too. There's quite good locksmith at Ideal, Boutique Del Cerrajero Gallardo Torilo just a few yards further or down town in Rosario - Llave Maestra Soluciones.

28.499323, -13.860720

Couple of things to consider:
1 - make sure, the barrel isn't sticking out. If the existing one is, measure it and ask the locksmith to have the new one that much shorter.
2 - Ask for one with a Protection Card. This way, any locksmith will refuse to create an extra key without handing the card over. An extra protection if you're renting out your property.

If you can afford to, get a locksmith to fit it, please. Not Jack of all trades, who's biggest quality is understanding your accent but a real locksmith who will use proper tools & skills. You're defending everything that's behind that door, spending an extra few quid euro is worth it.
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Not sure you would have to replace all the locks Sam?
If someone finds a key they would still have to find the lock it opened.
Assuming people don't write the address on the key fob
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