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venue cotillo st moves church james

St. James's Church moves to new venue in El Cotillo
St. James's Church,  part of the Church of England Fuerteventura Chaplaincy,  has moved to a new venue due the the commencement of the refurbishment at Cotillo Beach Hotel. 

We have been given a very warm welcome to hold our services in El Toston Bar in the old harbour and we are blessed by the generous gift from the owners. 

So, Sunday morning at 11.00 we will be holding our usual service of worship and communion and all are welcome regardless of nationality, or denomination. The service lasts about 45 minutes and is following by coffee etc. 

If you need any further information please see our website at www.fuertechurch.org for contact details. 


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PS. This has no effect on our usual Sunday evening service which remains at the church of Nuestra Senora del Carmen at 6pm.
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