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stone towers beaches circles

Stone circles and towers on beaches

The City Council of Pájara proceeds to the withdrawal of the "Monoliths" and the "Corralitos" in various beaches of the Municipality.

The new municipal corporation decides to carry out the dismantling of the famous monoliths and the corralitos that can be seen in several points of our coasts and that both affect the environment.

[Image: ziEdqpe.jpg]

The practice of raising mounds, or "rock stacking" as it is known in English, not only supposes an alteration of the landscape, but also causes environmental damage.

Last weekend, he has ordered the withdrawal of several monoliths and corralitos located on different beaches of the municipality of Pájara.

These apparently harmless structures alter the insular ecosystem. Flora and fauna are affected by removing the stones. On the one hand, the flora, which takes advantage of the moisture of the stones, dies. The fauna, which inhabits these stones, disappears. This is why the food chain is severely affected, since many invertebrates and various plants are food sources for other species.

From the areas of beaches and municipal services, citizen collaboration is requested to avoid such practices and become aware of the environmental impact it entails. In this regard, beach watchers will collaborate in the tasks of information and control to avoid leaving that characteristic trail. In addition, the Local Police will be responsible for enforcing the Coastal Law as well as the Municipal Beach Regulations, with penalties ranging from € 1,501 to € 3,000.

Members of the municipal government board insist that the most important task is to explain and sensitize both residents and tourists. The Councilor for Beaches, Dunia Álvaro, declares: “The Mojones or Monoliths are placed by imitation, we see one and we want to place ours as a souvenir. However, we are not aware of the damage it causes ”and in this sense“ If we want to show off the wild landscape in Fuerteventura, how beautiful it is is in its natural state, without alterations ”

With regard to corralitos, we have proceeded to dismantle several structures of enormous dimensions that, in addition to modifying the habitat, accumulated user waste such as mats, papers and plastics. Jose Díaz, Delegate Councilor of the Services area has been responsible for the removal of said waste and insists that “it is vitally important to keep our beaches in optimal conditions for everyone to enjoy. We must be aware of the environment and keep our environment clean ”
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