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Suggestion to improve the gallery feature
I have a suggestion for the gallery feature if it's possible?

When viewing photos in threads, I find it a bit frustrating when the gallery only contains the photos from the individual message.
Rather than restricting the available images in the gallery to those in the individual message, include all of the images in the whole thread.

Add an option to toggle between the two modes if necessary for people who prefer the current setup or with slow Internet. 

Apologies if there is already a setting for this, I've looked but can't find it anywhere.
Working on it, one step closer  Cool
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Thanks for the suggestion Pete.

Unfortunately that's not possible. Each attachment is locked to it's own post for many reasons but the most important is the speed (at least for me). We have threads with over 100 photos and this would cause a massive load on the server and your connection.
Try to open this one for example: It's already taking ages to open and that's all due to all photos being in a single post. The same would happen opening any thread, the user would have to wait until it loads all the pics, not something anyone on the island (with a limited internet speed) would appreciate.

I'm sure there will be some solution in the future but currently we have to do the views post by post.
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