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capellania tamaragua

Tamaragua / la capellania
Hi everyone,
Came across a few attractively priced detached villas in Tamaragua / la capellania urbanizacion.
Anyone familiar with the area could tell me something about this place? I know the commercial area is largely abandoned.
Are there any other major issues in the area? Thinking of floods, environmental lawsuits etc. that some nearby areas have.
Is it generally quiet or are there many parties going on till the wee hours?
How warm is it during nights? Do we need heating or just a duvet?

Thanks a million in advance
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There have been issues with squatters/break-ins/attempted break-ins in that area, I know that. The properties themselves are generally quite airy and spacious inside, with gardens etc, but are positioned very close to each other and are not very imaginatively designed. We looked at a few before deciding to buy nearer the coast and day to day amenities.
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