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Tanatorio - Funeral home in Antigua
The City Council works on the objective of having a funeral home in Antigua

• The mayor, Matías Peña begins the procedure to have a funeral home in the Municipality.

• The City Council proposes the area near the cemetery where to build the Tantorio de Antigua.

• The City Council of Antigua works to expand the Cemetery and the number of niches.

A funeral home in Antigua is a necessary and demanded infrastructure by the residents of the Municipality, who to date must move to Puerto del Rosario to watch over the deceased, their relatives, friends and acquaintances, says the mayor, Matías Peña.

It is a commitment and an announced objective, affirms the mayor, backed by the Government Group and for which we have begun to work, studying location, precise reports and deadlines.

At the initiative of the company Funeraria Padrón SL, and coinciding with the municipal purpose, the company's managers have held a meeting with the City Council of Antigua, announcing their interest in building a funeral home, detailing even the initial ideas of the project.

His proposal coincides with the objective of having a funeral home in Antigua, a necessary infrastructure in a municipality, characterized by its size and a growing resident population.

And the mayor adds, with the purpose of building the Antigua Tanatorio, as well as expanding the Cemetery of Antigua, the municipal technical team, has begun to study the land available in the vicinity of the Holy Field, to begin the necessary procedure.

Courtesy of www.ayto-antigua.es

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