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released spy turtle

The Spy Turtle released :)
Radio Sintonia:

The spy turtle released in the Canary Islands to monitor the Macaronesian waters. The sentinel turtle of climate change is released in the archipelago to "spy" the Macaronesian waters.
Yesterday, August 9, 2023, an exciting event took place on the beach of Cofete, Fuerteventura. "Chofe", a valuable loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), was released in the same place where it first saw the light in 2007. But this was no ordinary liberation. Chofe, 15 years old and weighing 92 kg, carried a state-of-the-art satellite tracking device, provided by the Loro Parque Foundation.

This device, known as Wildlife Computers' model Splash10-F-351, will allow researchers to track and analyze Chofe's behavior and adaptation to the ocean environment over the coming months. The turtle is part of the "Program for the Expansion of the Breeding Habitat of the Loggerhead Turtle in Macaronesia", a joint effort involving public agencies, private companies, environmental associations and research groups.

The exciting moment of liberation not only marked a milestone in Chofe's life, but also in the conservation and study of climate change in Macaronesian waters. The turtle is part of the "Oceanographer Turtles" project, a pilot study that seeks to better understand the effects of climate change in the region. Chofe, equipped with the tracking device, will provide crucial data on the temperature of the first 150 meters of the water column, vital information for understanding the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean.

Chofe has come a long way since its birth on Cofete beach in 2007. Raised in the facilities of the Center for Recovery and Conservation of Sea Turtles of Morro Jable, thanks to the Island Council of Fuerteventura and the Ministry of Environment, its release and the monitoring that will be carried out thanks to the financing of the Loro Parque Foundation will mark a step forward in the fight for the conservation of sea turtles.

The collaboration between various entities, from the Island Council to the ADS Biodiversity association and the OFyGA research group of the IU ECOAQUA of the ULPGC, reflects the power of synergy in the research and conservation of marine life. Together, these actors are dedicated to protecting and better understanding the threatened species of loggerhead turtle, as well as unraveling the mysteries of climate change in the waters of Macaronesia.

link to article for pic
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THis is fantastic I hope we see lots of feedback from the turtle.
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The Chofe turtle is already on the shores of Africa.

The Chofe turtle, which was released a week ago in Cofete with a satellite tracking device, is already on the coast of sub-Saharan Africa. An area in which there is marine upwelling rich in nutrients.

Chofe was born 15 years ago in Cofete, from an egg transferred to Fuerteventura from Cape Verde, within the framework of the "Program for the Expansion of the Reproductive Habitat of the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta Caretta) in Macaronesia".

Since 2007, the turtle was bred at the Turtle Recovery and Conservation Center of Morro Jable, helping to obtain important data on the youth stage of a species of which many important aspects such as its growth or stage of sexual maturation are still unknown.

After this first period, Chofe will continue to provide fundamental data, being released with a transmitter that monitors their daily movements, within the "Oceanograph Turtles" project, a pilot study on the behavior of turtles as a sentinel species of climate change in the Macaronesian region. The aforementioned device allows to record important data of water temperature or depth, which helps to better understand the ocean and the effects of global warming, in addition to its adaptation to the environment and other interesting oceanographic data such as feeding areas of the species, distribution areas or migratory routes.

This project is developed thanks to the collaboration of Environment of the Cabildo Insular de Fuerteventura, ADS Biodiversidad, Loro Parque Foundation and the research group of Physical Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OFyGA) of the University Institute for Research in Sustainable Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (IU ECOAQUA) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC).

The biologist of ADS Biodiversity, Ana Liria Loza, explains that "the loggerhead turtle is a species that approaches very interesting areas oceanographically, and this will allow us to know the variations and effects of climate change through the natural movements of the turtle".

For his part, the Minister of the Environment, Carlos Rodríguez, puts in value a project "very interesting, which allows us to know more about the loggerhead turtle and the ocean, and that has aroused great interest among the population". It also informs that the movements can be followed soon by the population, through a link on the website of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura.

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