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foundation guanche tamaimos reburial demands mummy exhibited madrid

The Tamaimos Foundation demands the reburial of the Guanche mummy exhibited in Madrid

The Tamaimos Foundation demands the reburial of the Guanche mummy exhibited in Madrid.

After 260 years, for the Tamaimos Foundation, the time has come for the xaxo to return to the Canary Islands, where it must be studied and then given a dignified burial

The Tamaimos Canarian Foundation demands the return of the Guanche mummy, stolen 260 years ago and exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum (Madrid), in order to treat it with dignity like any other human being. After the proposal of the Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, to decolonise the museums, the entity believes that the optimal conditions are in place so that, finally, historical justice is done and this xaxo (name used in the Canary Islands for mummified bodies), stolen in 1764 to be given as a gift to Charles III, is returned.

In the opinion of the Tamaimos Foundation, once the xaxo arrives in the Canary Islands, a reasonable period of time must be guaranteed to carry out the pertinent scientific research, without exposing the body. During this interval, studies and collection of essential samples would be carried out, which would serve to advance knowledge about our history. For the Tamaimos Foundation, this procedure, which must have the participation of experts in archaeology, anthropology and other academic disciplines, as well as Canarian civil society, would also have another purpose: to decide the place and the way in which this Guanche xaxo should be returned to the space from which it was plundered.

The policies of repatriation, restitution and reparation for the historical crimes of colonialism have gained enormous importance in recent years in the heat of the decolonial discourse. Now that Minister Urtasun seems to accept his postulates, an opportunity is opening up not only for the Canary Islands to recover the stolen indigenous remains, but also to question the way in which the island's museums exhibit the bodies of these populations. The Tamaimos Foundation believes that the Canary Islands should play a prominent role in this process, as it has been affected by colonialism since the founding of this stage in the history of humanity.

The Canarian Tamaimos Foundation, created in 2014, aims to defend and promote Canarian culture and identity. To carry out its work, it organises various types of activities, publishes books, magazines and promotes meetings around the Canary Islands.

link to article for pic
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