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budget fuerteventura cabildo

The budget of Cabildo de Fuerteventura
Quite interesting read @ FuerteventuraDigital:

The budget project of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura for 2019 amounts to 111,300,000 euros, representing an increase of 2.27%, that is, 2,475,000 euros more than in 2018, being the second consecutive budget in history of the insular institution that exceeds 100 million budget. "There is a very important increase in the grants awarded in scholarships, to sports entities, to the primary sector and with an investor chapter that responds, and that is the main thing, to all the investments that are needed at this time in Fuerteventura," he said. Today, Monday, January 14, the president of the Cabildo, Marcial Morales, during the press conference to present the economic document for 2019, which will be discussed in the plenary on the 28th of this month. Morales was with the Vice President and Minister of Tourism and Planning of the Territory, Blas Acosta, and the Minister of Finance, Rafael Páez.

"Social policies are consolidated and there is a 105% increase in agricultural water aid compared to the 2015 budget, with 1,500,000 euros for the 2019 fiscal year, as well as an increase in investments in water and wastewater. 1,312,000 euros for the implementation of renewable energies, "said Morales.

For Blas Acosta, "it is a budget fundamentally destined to the political commitment that had been acquired by the Socialist Party and the Canary Coalition to redistribute wealth, especially in those sectors in which we were not like Isla in a very advanced position, as social affairs. " "We are lucky that we are now in public activity to have the largest budget in Fuerteventura, and what we want is to continue spending it with the greatest interest of citizens," Acosta added.

For his part, Páez pointed out as major investments "the start-up of the CAAF wind farm, the telecontactors that are being developed and very important investments related to providing a solution to what is the supply network of El Cotillo that was being affected in the last times". "This, along with the contribution also with support from the Canary Islands Government through the Fdcan of what are the funds to what is employment and entrepreneurship, which is around 2,500,000 euros, are the issues that stand out in this budget, "he added.

The accounts of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura for 2019 are presented balanced in income and expenses, with zero deficit, and complying with the budget stability rule, in terms of the spending rule and without indebtedness. Regarding the income items, it is worth mentioning the 5.13% decrease in the forecast of income from the Canary Islands Financing Block, which is received by the Cabildo, as a consequence of the reduction of the IGIC rate from 7% to 6.5% by the Government of the Canary Islands.

It has increased the resources expected to receive from the participation in state taxes by 5%, as well as revenues from the powers transferred and delegated by the Government of the Canary Islands around 9%.

The contribution of the Government of the Canary Islands to the Sociosanitary Infrastructure Plan, which in 2019 will be 3,000,000 Euros, as well as the Canary Islands Development Funds (Fdcan), is also noteworthy due to its impact on revenues. It foresees an income of 14,500,000 euros.

In terms of expenses, contributions are collected for the operation of the autonomous bodies and entities in which the Cabildo participates, including the following: Insular Water Council, 1,000,000 euros; Water Supply Consortium, 1,000,000 euros; Tourist Board, 2,436,000 euros; and Fuerteventura Technology Park, 3,450,000 euros.

Regarding personnel expenses, it grew by 2.89%, incorporating credits to meet the wage increase of 2.25% agreed between the central government and unions, in addition to the agreements agreed with the union representatives of the 476 workers who make up the staff of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, and involve improvements in medical assistance, retirement aids, exchanges of vacancies or career vacancies, among others.

In terms of current expenses, the largest volume goes to social policies, to cover the operating expenses of the social health centres managed by the Cabildo, such as the Children's Center, the Disabled Residence, Residences for the Elderly and Shelter DEMA, among others.

Other areas also include important items, such as margin cleaning and road maintenance (1,640,000 euros), management and protection of hunting areas (351,000 euros), management of the islet of Lobos (370,000 euros), tourism promotion (fund of flights 318,000 euros) celebration of FEAGA (368,000 euros) among others.

Current transfers for grants and subsidies to collaborate in the expenses of associations, groups, sports clubs and other entities includes an increase of 34.40%, with special relevance for the primary sector, which grows 41% (2.160.000 euros ), the sports, both generic and individual that go up to 1,428,000 euros, the one for the Geo Innovation Program (2,850,000 euros), the educational and cultural ones (1,720,000 euros), for transport support and bonds (1,915) .000 euros) and social actions (1,428,000 euros),

In relation to the items of investments included in the budget, the ones destined to the Socio-health Infrastructure Plan, which initially appear at 3,863,000 euros, are of particular relevance, to which the investments with financing of 2018 will be incorporated for an amount of 7,100,000 euros. more for the construction of the Elderly Center of Puerto del Rosario, Mental Health Residence, therapeutic pool, Greater Tarajal Residence or Occupational Center of Gran Tarajal, among others. It also highlights the new insular service of security and emergencies and support for citizen participation, among others.

In addition to other investments, such as the improvement of the road and infrastructure network to which almost 9,000,000 euros are destined, investments such as the Cultural Center of El Cotillo (1,235,000 euros) are collected,

In terms of hydropower, there is the CAAF wind farm (2,844,000 euros), the CAAF meter reading system (1,688,000 euros), the CAAF supply network in El Cotillo (1,636,000 euros), among other.

In sports, the items allocated to the Sports Infrastructure Plan amount to 1,124,000 euros.

The contributions through capital transfers for investments to be executed by other agencies or entities, presents works such as the Gran Tarajal Open Commercial Zone (1,125,000 euros), preparation of the last section of Carmen Avenue, in Corralejo (1,046,000 euros) ), the Pepe Dámaso Museum in Pájara (1,479,000 euros) and the pedestrian street Orchilla in Antigua (690,000 euros), among others, most of which will be covered by Fdcan.
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FEAGA must be taking place this year if Money has been allocated.
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(16-01-2019, 12:34 PM)Captain Sensible Wrote: FEAGA must be taking place this year if money has been allocated.

It'll better be taking place. Smile
Makes me wonder why is FEAGA this expensive. 368.000 euro is lot of Money to throw at one event, isn't it?
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They were meant to be building new facilities there for the showground, perhaps some of the Money is for that? On the other hand they were meant to be doing that last year which is the reason FEAGA didn't happen in 2018.
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(17-01-2019, 01:27 AM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: They were meant to be building new facilities there for the showground, perhaps some of the money is for that? On the other hand they were meant to be doing that last year which is the reason FEAGA didn't happen in 2018.

Surely, development of the site and the staging of an event must come out of different budgets?
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(17-01-2019, 01:27 AM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: They were meant to be building new facilities there for the showground, perhaps some of the money is for that? On the other hand they were meant to be doing that last year which is the reason FEAGA didn't happen in 2018.

I believe that's a different pot they used to build the new facilities last year. Much bigger pot than 368K.
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Just came across another article saying the budget was approved yesterday and the number for 2019 is: 111,553,870.48 Euro. And yes, FEAGA is getting the promised 368,000 Euro so it should definitely be taking place this year.
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So that's a maybe, then  Smile
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(31-01-2019, 04:06 PM)Archer Wrote: So that's a maybe, then  Smile

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin wouldn't surprise me, TBH.
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The president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura announces a complete restructuring of the budget to face the Coronavirus crisis

The Island Government Council of Fuerteventura approved this Monday the realization of a proposal for a complete restructuring of the Budget for 2020 with which to face the new socioeconomic reality of the island after the COVID-19 crisis, a modification that would affect some 20 million euros and that will include the possibility of bypassing the spending rule imposed by the Budget Stability Law to meet the needs of all affected sectors.

This was announced this Monday at a telematic press conference by the president of the Cabildo, Blas Acosta, who highlighted the intention of the insular Government Group to dispose of the island's economic resources that are left over in the banks and that “it is Money from the majoreros taxes, "he said, so it does not contemplate that they can be deducted by the central government for other uses than" the needs of the island of Fuerteventura, which are many, "he warned.

The insular president pointed out that in order to face this situation from the economic point of view, "each and every one of the political forces that make up this Plenary Session of the Cabildo will be counted on", to whom he extended his hand, which is why articulating the technological and regulatory measures necessary to try to hold an extraordinary plenary session in which to approve the modification of the Budget.

Thus, these measures will affect "all productive sectors", both tourism and agriculture and livestock, industry, trade or the service sector, since "all sectors are suffering the consequences of the restrictions and making an enormous effort to get ahead ”, said Acosta.

"If we continue along this line, kept in our homes and with that low level of contact, we will be able to stop the Coronavirus in Fuerteventura, but this week that we are missing is decisive," warned the president, so "we have to continue in this line, keep the effort a little longer ”, he announced.

Acosta thanked "the strength of the people of Fuerteventura" with this crisis and especially the people affected by coronaviruses who have collaborated with the Majorera health and the Island Government "to end this as soon as possible," he said.

Asked about the possibility of reopening the Biosphere Market, the island president made it clear that the priority of the Cabildo is to guarantee health security, so he does not contemplate its immediate start-up, although he announced that in any case the Cabildo "is not going to leave no one behind, much less to the primary sector of the island ”.

In this sense, the president reported that work is already being done so that the food batches of the Cabildo assistance program contain local products, as well as technical support for the creation of a virtual market that facilitates the home delivery of goods, which could be ready later this week

Courtesy of
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