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tourists july foreign 2020 quarantine lifted

The quarantine of foreign tourists will be lifted in July 2020
Just saw quite scary news @ Diario de Fuerteventura:

Spain will lift the quarantine for foreign tourists on July 1, which dates its reopening to international tourism announced last weekend, a first step that now needs to be completed with a common travel protocol for Europe or agreements bilateral with other countries.

The Government announced on Monday the date of the removal of the quarantine for foreign tourists, something that the sector took for granted after the statements made by the President of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, in his appearance last Saturday on the reopening of Spain to tourism foreigner in July.

According to the Alliance for Tourism Excellence, Exceltur, it is "very good news" that Spain has opened the door to tourism, but now "you have to run like wild beasts" to have a general protocol for the entire European Union, which would be the ideal, and if not, bilateral agreements with other member countries will have to be negotiated in parallel.

The announcements that tourism lifts the blind and that it will do so from July 1 have been "tremendously promising" and have triggered the price of tourism companies on the stock exchanges and hotel reservations in Spain.

Exceltur Executive Vice President, José Luis Zoreda, explained to Efe that the day after the quarantine was declared, the large Spanish hotels accused cancellations of double and triple digit reservations, while today they are going up "stratospheric", in triples and quadruple digits, which shows "the sensitivity of what is a successful advertisement or a measure communicated with much error".

The declaration of the quarantine discouraged European tour operators who were already considering organizing logistics for trips to Spain; He dissuaded potential tourists and made some country like France feel aggravated by the unilateral measure and decided to apply "the same medicine".

Although the latest announcements have been very positive and the blind opens on July 1, "now we need to know how we can enter the store" and, for this, it is necessary to know "who will be able to come, from which countries, under what conditions and where in Spain ".

The government is trying to find a general agreement in Europe to govern this summer for all travel and community citizens, but, in Zoreda's opinion, with how slowly things are going in the EU, trying to get the 27 member countries to one month all agree, it is "impossible".

For this reason, Spain has to try to "urgently" negotiate bilateral agreements with the United Kingdom, France, Germany or Switzerland, which opens up "a second problem: what are the safe points of origin in those countries, who says it or is it under what criteria, and what are the safe destinations in Spain? "

The tourist needs to know: "How are you going to get there, how are they going to let you through the door and what are they going to ask you both in the country of origin and in the destination country because?", He added.

In the same vein, the president of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (Ceav), Carlos Garrido, has indicated to Efe that this is "very good news", but it is "only a first step in a long journey" and It will have to be coordinated with the sanitary corridors being made with certain countries and with the reopening of the European air sky.

For travel agencies, "unfortunately, the recovery will take" until Spanish tourists can go abroad, business trips and MICE tourism (meetings, incentives, conventions and Events) are restored.

Knowing the date allows you to start hiring, but what the agencies need now is to assemble the packages and make the distribution and, for that, they must know if, for example, the Germans or the British can come to Spain and vice versa because, if no, "it doesn't make sense".
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Too early in my opinion. I'm desperate to see the F1 season get underway but currently, local quarantine regs as in the UK are stifling the resumption of the two GP's scheduled for the end of July. Local economies take precedence I imagine.
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Luckily for us Fuerte is not usually the main destination for tourists.
IF this does end up being a mistake, I think Tenerife and GC would feel the effects first, with us having a slower reaction... enough time for them to close things back up again before it gets bad.


Once you open - it will be much harder to close again.

This is all unchartered teritory... and anything could happen!
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