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Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum.

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Time flies so fast - Happy Birthday!
One year ago I was looking for some info @ the old Fuerteventura Forum and realised that the situation is getting worse day by day. I asked a few people how would they feel about moving to another forum if it was properly moderated. I was thinking about setting a new forum in a couple of months or at the beginning of 2019. Due to the positive replies from most of the users, decided to cancel my plans for a few days and started working on the new forum immediately. Thanks to the help of couple of hired experts, the new setup was pretty smooth. The forum was up & running on the 27th October 2018 and since then we haven't stopped.

Over the first year we have managed to shape the forum quite a lot, showing to anyone this can be a great place where people are generally nice to each other. Together we have created almost 10,000 posts, all related to the place we all share love for - Fuerteventura. That's over 25 posts per day, excellent ratio. We have also attracted over 300 members, making it almost one registration each day on average, joining this great community.

I would like to thank to Helpers, Legendary and regular members as well as to all our Moderators who are keeping an eye on the forum almost constantly.

Thank you all and Happy First Birthday!
I Heart Fuerteventura
12 users say Thank You to Sam for this post
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Thank you Sam your continued hard work and dedication to make this possible.
Life is short.....Be kind to one another  Smile
5 users say Thank You to classic for this post
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What would do without you!!!  We, the forum members, owe you a great debt of gratitude for setting up this forum and for the on-going management of the site. 

To those of us who love this fabulous island, the forum is a mine of useful and valuable information. Thank you. 

I still look over at the old forum and if you exclude the Sons of Dross postings (which I've never looked at) there are very few postings and it is very rare that anything useful is posted. So, what would we do without you. 

I'm sure it must cost you Money to support this forum, and I for one would be happy to make a contribution. Please consider setting up a funding page please. 

Thanks again and very best wishes. 

11 users say Thank You to Cotillo_Tom for this post
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If the traffic grows too much up or in case of losing my source of income, I will consider setting up a funding page or adverts to keep the forum running but that's currently not necessary. Thanks for the offer though.
I Heart Fuerteventura
7 users say Thank You to Sam for this post
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Congratulations and happy birthday 🥳 Sam and your team. This is an excellent forum and represents the love we all have for Fuerteventura whether it’s Caleta or Correlejo or Costa Calima, El Cotillo ..... everybody promotes the island as a whole as somewhere worth visiting.

I was a member of the old forum but gave up on it and basically just focused on the Captains Caleta Forum, however, when I heard about Click I joined up and have really enjoyed reading and contributing on the various threads.

Fuerteventura is really a great place to visit for a holiday, live part time, or indeed retire to (as is my plans), so this forum is critical to its continued success. 

I would also echo Toms suggestion about a funding page, I would be more than happy to contribute, please keep away from adverts, they drive most people (including myself) MAD. 

Continued success to you Sam and your team.
9 users say Thank You to Can the Man for this post
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Good morning Sam and all from Ballito on the coast 62Km NE of Durban where the Weather is a little damp but warm.

I agree with all the thanks and pats on the backs for ourselves we have a great forum here lets keep it that way.

I agree with Can The Man, a funding route is far better than adverts and they drive me mad and detract from the content of pages.
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
4 users say Thank You to windermeregolfer for this post
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Second year of the joy to read some news about my favourite island, second year of not reading how Brexit or some UK/US political party is good or bad for all of us, second year of seeing that most people can separate their political views, second year of Pleasantville...

Yep the forum is already two years old and I would like to say thank you to every single member of our tiny community who made this possible. Yes you, even if you posted just a single question, replied to someone or clicked on the "Thank you" button once. You've made this community better and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it.

This forum is filling me with happiness every time I log in. Knowing for sure that if I'll ever have a question regarding the island or want to share something, there are great people, ready to reply and share their experience with all of us.

Heart  Heart  Heart Thank you all for making this happen and happy birthday! Heart  Heart  Heart
I Heart Fuerteventura
12 users say Thank You to Sam for this post
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Reading the first couple of posts when the thread popped up, I thought I was having some kind of stroke thinking the forum had only been around for a year!  Big Grin

Once again, a big thank you to Sam for all his hard work and effort in creating and maintaining this forum. We are very fortunate to have a place that is well-moderated and organised to share useful information and help one another. As a non-Facebook user, I would have been absolutely lost during the early months of the pandemic on the island without this forum. Genuinely: this forum made possible finding the information we needed to navigate the lockdown rules and share intel about opening hours etc. Life would have been so difficult without it. 

Can't thank you enough, Sam!
5 users say Thank You to Ducks for this post
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A BIG THANK YOU to Sam and his team of moderators on your 2nd birthday, congratulations and well done.
4 users say Thank You to Can the Man for this post
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Thank you sam for putting this all together.
I know how complicated and time draining running a forum can be.

I am truly grateful for this resource you have shared with us.
The Local Friendly Tech and Media Guy << Link
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