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closed season guirre ravines during trails breeding

Trails & Ravines closed during Guirre breeding season
from Radio Sintonia:

Nine sections of trails and ravines of Fuerteventura are closed during the breeding period of the guirre.

A total of nine spaces, between sections of trails and ravines, have been temporarily closed to favor the reproduction of the guirre (Neophron percnopterus majorensis) during the period of bird breeding on the island, which runs from the fifteenth of February to the fifteenth of July. This temporary closure affects the areas of Caldera de Gairía, Caldera de los Arrabales, Barranco de La Torre and Barranco de los Molinos, spaces that are completely closed. On the other hand, some sections and areas of Morro del Perro, La Muda, la Rosa de Tinojay, the Barranco de La Muley and the Malpaís de la Arena are disabled.


The Minister of Environmental Sustainability, Lola García, highlights the importance of respecting the breeding territories during the period indicated. In addition, it is necessary to follow the indications that are transferred from the area. These include keeping quiet, respecting trails, and keeping pets under control if you walk with them.

García also recalls the existence of the Insular Ordinance of the Official Network of Routes in the Natural Environment of Fuerteventura, which makes it impossible for vehicles to circulate through the countryside. This allows the protection not only of the guirre, but also of steppe birds such as the Canarian hubara, which make their nests in these plains and these can be easily stepped on.

In addition to the Insular Ordinance of the Official Network of Routes in the Natural Environment of Fuerteventura, it is necessary to take into account the protection regime established in article 57 of Law 42/2007, of December 13, on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, which expressly prohibits the nuisance and deterioration of the places of reproduction of protected fauna. "Nor should we forget the Guirre Recovery Plan, which was approved in 2006 in order to guarantee adequate protection for this species in the eastern islands of the Canary Islands, so that a healthy and stable population is maintained," says the counselor.

Currently, the Cabildo de Fuerteventura collaborates with the LIFE Egyptian Vulture Project, with the aim of knowing the trends of the guirre population and the minimization of some risk factors such as the illegal use of poison, electrocution in power lines and also the reduction of discomfort and disturbances during the breeding season. This program is developed with the participation of technicians from the Government of the Canary Islands, the involvement of the councils of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, and GESPLAN. "In the last 20 years, the population of the guirre in the Canary Islands has almost tripled thanks to the action that the Cabildo of Fuerteventura and the Government of the Canary Islands have been carrying out together," says García.
Likewise, the counselor appreciates the citizen collaboration, which she considers fundamental when it comes to ensuring the continuity of the species. In case of finding an accident specimen, it is necessary to notify 112. In addition, gestures as simple as walking along the enabled trails and maintaining silence in the nesting areas have an enormously positive impact for the birds.
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slightly different but along the same lines

Radio Sintonia:

The Hubara Bustard, the queen of the desert.

Interview with Alberto Ucero Solís, CSIC researcher, and promoter of the Frente de Lanzarote platform, expert in one of the most threatened steppe birds in the Canary Islands, presents the infographic on the hubara bustard and also opines on the hottest topic of last weekend, the paralysis of the Land Rally Isla de los Volcanes 2022.

2022.05.03.- Podcast From Jable to Malpey.-

Presented by Sofía Menéndez

The second part of the program we start with a music known by the listeners, one of the slogans of the Jable al Malpey, Hubara Chiao, of the majorero singer, Alejandro Alonso Frey. With her we begin the interview with Alberto Ucero Solís, researcher of the Hubara Project Research Group, of the National Museum of Natural Sciences, attached to the CSIC, the first question is about the controversial Land Rally Island of the Volcanoes 2022 suspended last weekend in Lanzarote. The researcher points out that a debate has been created, "This debate between people from the world of science, ecologists and rally fans, is an obvious case that when you put the law on the table and scientific arguments, the debate is over. Although it has a lot of repercussion for having a score at the national level, if there are very clear rules, not everything goes. This type of activity cannot be authorized where there are species in danger of extinction such as the Canarian hubara, the crow, the guirre or the tagarote falcon, "adds the researcher.

"Where Money is by means, it takes precedence over the protection of the environment, because of the capitalist system, but now we have to turn that concept around because it has already been shown that without healthy ecosystems we have no future, no life. People should enjoy the spaces where the flora and fauna are conserved in an empathetic way and become aware of the values of the place where they live, if that point of education is reached, many people would think from an objective point that the rally is not compatible with an island Biosphere Reserve and Geopark", specific Ucero.
This interview is mainly to present an infographic designed by illustrator Fran Rodríguez. Ucero explains that the illustrator has received a course on how to make infographics and wanted to focus on this steppe bird as a model, so he contacted the Research Group to request information about the hubara. "Fran has done a magnificent job designing this infographic, which can be downloaded from the Hubara Project Instagram, by clicking on a link that appears in the biography," says Ucero. Finally, after explaining the ethology part of the steppe bird hubara, its behavior of reproduction, nesting, ecology and its threats, we dedicate to this researcher the final song: Bustard, be a friend of yours farda!, by Candela and the Supremes, in tune with the words of Ucero "nature and the landscape is a source of joy and free happiness".

link to original article for anyone who wants to listen to the podcast and a really good infographic
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