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cotillo transfers

Transfers to/from Cotillo
Hi All,

After many years of hassle free cheap car hire I can’t justify the current prices....

So I am looking to form an arrangement with someone for transfers between the airport and El Cotillo a few times a year. It goes without saying that within reason (car has four wheels, driver is reasonably sober etc) cheaper is better....

If you know anybody willing to offer such a service then please private message me with any details. The passengers would be one fifty year old and one eighty year old....

In a similar vein, if you know anyone willing to rent their unused car to a very respectable (some might say boring) fifty something driver either on a weekly or even daily basis then please get in touch. 

Very many thanks indeed.

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Thanks FVMouse for posting. Here's someone with exactly the same problem.

As couple over 55, both excellent drivers used to drive in chaotic big cities (never a collision or accident or of such sort), we're thinking to share a car with trust worthy excellent drivers who spend some times a year in El Cotillo, El Roque, Lajares and willing to find new ways, to hire a car.

Just fishing; would it be an option to buy a car with a few people together (4/5) with a resident or non-resident willing to put it on her/his name?

As far as known, insurance technical seen it's possible to have other drivers in your car.
Of course we need a superb agreement and we'll pay for extra and willingness of the buyer and keeper of the car.

In interesting times people need to be creative, because the car-hire situation and prices won't resolve.
Any thoughts on this?
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Hi Volcano,

I suspect any such joint purchase would quickly turn into a nightmare. I think I’m a little more hopeful than you that hire prices might start to moderate a little as the months go by. Gone are the days of €10 per day but Im hopeful we might see €15 in due course....

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Canary Shuttle will take you and your guest to the nearest Hotel / Holiday apartment for 16€, total price.

Maximum wait one hour at the airport.

They are part of the Grupo 1855 (Orange tourist buses).

We used them one time. Very good. Waited for a few other passengers at the airport, maybe 40mins, then left.
We booked a hotel, just beyond where we wanted to get out, then just asked the driver to stop early and let us off. 

Worked out cheaper than the bus.
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Thanks for this information. How does the booking work please.
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Easy booking system. Can be booked one way. Price doesn't seem to change if you put in 1 or 2 pax. 

This company has dozens of buses and mini buses running up and down the island all day long. They just put you on the next available.

Hope it works for you.  Thumbs Up
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Thanks so much. Great info.
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Hi FV mouse - I've emailed you  Fingers Crossed
Life is short.....Be kind to one another  Smile
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Many thanks classic. I will add it to my list of possible options. Cheers.
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