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please travel insurance info

Travel Insurance info please
Just looking at my travel insurance which needs to be upgraded due to age and health issues.  Finding it difficult to get either annual or single trip insurance to cover up to a 90 day visit to Fue without incurring a massive premium.  Currently covered for max 45 days .....any recommendations please? 
I've just got a quote from StaySure ( generally highly recommended) but that's max 35 days - annual premium for max 35 days per trip is £341 - but for a single trip of 90 days it is £737.00 !!!!
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Hi Emm

I just logged on to, searched for over 70,s travel insurance or a 90 day trip to Spain with no preexisting conditions and got quotes from around £149, maybe log in and get a personalised quote?
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Emmi. Aviva offer cover up to 120 days and pre-existing conditions. If you take it out online it saves you 10% and further discount if you already have another policy with them. 
I've read a lot of complaints from some co's when it comes to pre-existing, so if you are registered online with your GP then printout your history and if necessary read it out to them.
Pre-existing is THE biggest reason ins cos don't pay up, so poor cover is just a waste of Money!
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Have heard that the Caravan Club offer good 90 day home and travel insurance rates.
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Saga does single trip cover up to 120 days. Annual cover is only up to 45 days per trip.
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Just been renewed with LV. Premium policy covers 90 day trips on annual basis.
Europe, including Turkey and Egypt. I THINK we did have to specify Spain (but that may have been previous supplier).
Changed to them a few years ago because previous "cheap" policy soared on renewal date.
LV started as expensive, but our pre-existing conditions didn't add all that much.
It will also be a better deal because our house and car policies had also been with them for many years after following Which magazine recommendations (and following no response from NFU which was then Which's best scoring home policy).

BTW - double check your house insurance: we found that the LV standard policy only allows your house to unoccupied for 60 days at a time!
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Thanks everyone,I have done loads of research including most of the above suggested companies,but it seems my "condition" is not covered .I have just found one which seems to be a specialist and am looking into it this morning.  I am OK if the EHIC will remain in force after Brexit, but will have to wait and see.

I am aware that most do not cover unoccupied property in the UK for more than 60 days, I rely on my neighbour for"insurance" in this instance!

PS - Anyone have any insight regarding Brexit and the continuation of the EHIC?
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Go back to the UK for a day?
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(22-08-2019, 08:33 AM)Emmi Smith Wrote: PS - Anyone have any insight regarding Brexit and the continuation of the EHIC?

No deal = No EHIC. At least right after Brexit.

What does Brexit mean for European Health Insurance Cards?

Entitlement to UK-issued EHIC cards is currently determined by EU law, with a residency-based system used as the deciding factor for eligibility. Those who pay taxes or National Insurance contributions within the UK are currently entitled to an EHIC card.

However, in 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union, in a decision known as Brexit. The negotiations are ongoing, and the official Brexit date has now been moved to October 2019. It is hoped that the UK will be able to arrange a deal with the EU, which will provide access to schemes such as EHIC cards.

Will EHIC’s be valid if there is no Brexit deal?

If the UK is forced to leave the UK without a deal, the EHIC will no longer be valid. The government is currently advising those who are planning to travel within the EEA or to Switzerland, to ensure they purchase adequate travel insurance.

The government is seeking to arrange healthcare agreements for UK nationals, but currently there are no final plans in place. In the Brexit White Paper which the government issued on 12 July 2018, they confirmed they want UK nationals to be able to continue to use their EHIC cards to access healthcare while visiting EEA countries.

There are currently reciprocal arrangements in place between the UK and some countries outside the EU, including New Zealand and Australia. It is hoped that if EHIC’s are no longer valid a similar reciprocal deal can be arranged with EU countries.

Courtesy of EHIC UK.
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(22-08-2019, 09:25 AM)TrickyFox Wrote: Go back to the UK for a day?

Good point TF. Could be cheaper and you'll get to see friends & family.
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