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released pajara turtle

Turtle released in Pajara
courtesy of RTVAC:

Release of a turtle recovered during the IV International Meeting of Environmental Volunteering in the Canary Islands organized by the Association of Volunteers of Nature Assistance of Fuerteventura AVANFUER.

The beach of Butihondo in Pájara was chosen to make a release of the Caretta caretta turtle that had entered the recovery facilities on 4/21/19 as a result of citizen collaboration when picked up by a ship near the Morro Jable pier, The said turtle weighed 13.55kg upon admission showing signs of having suffered a boat collision. In the Sodade Turtle Nursery and Recovery Center of sea turtles in Fuerteventura he was diagnosed, not recent fractures necrosed in marginal shields and also involvement of the 5th vertebral shield and as well as adjacent sacks but in a more superficial way.

The Minister of the Environment, Climate Change, Circular Economy and R & D & I Marlene Figueroa who opened the debates of the meeting on climate emergency has stressed that the fight against climate change will be a priority of the Cabildo and that it is very important that citizens and volunteers collaborate in the conservation of marine species such as turtles currently seriously threatened by plastic pollution and by the phenomena of climate change "is sobering said," that people who frequent the sea and detect a turtle in distress such as in this case, pick it up and put it in custody of the environmental teams of the Cabildo to be cured "

The release of the turtle was attended by more than fifty participants in the meeting and many families staying at the Hotel Robinson Esquinzo and users of Butihondo Beach where part of the workshops of the meeting were held.

The coordinator of the Yanira Cáceres Arocha meeting thanked the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, the Youth and Environment departments and the Department of Environment of the City of Puerto del Rosario, the Binter company and the Robinsón Esquinzo hotel for their collaboration and support to meet in Fuerteventura young volunteers from all over the Canary Islands.

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The Fuerteventura Cabildo, through the Ministry of the Environment, directed by Marlene Figueroa, released today, Thursday, July 30, a specimen of the loggerhead turtle ( Caretta Caretta ) in Las Playitas, in the municipality of Tuineje. The animal was released after its recovery at the Morro Jable Turtle Recovery and Conservation Center.

In the release of the turtle, the Minister of Environment of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, Marlene Figueroa, the Mayor of Tuineje, Esther Hernández, and the Councillor for the Environment, Vicente García, were present.

The turtle appeared stranded on March 11, in the Rosa del Agua area in Puerto del Rosario, presenting entanglement. The specimen was recovered thanks to the notice of a citizen.

The Minister for the Environment, Marlene Figueroa, highlighted the importance of citizen collaboration as one of the fundamental factors in the conservation of the species. In the case of sighting an injured specimen, it is necessary to give notice to 112.

The counsellor has also warned of the need to keep beaches clean, being the presence of plastics and other waste in the sea one of the main threats to this species. The Ministry recommends reducing the use of plastic products, especially single-use ones, as well as disposing of waste in a responsible way. The residues that most affect sea turtles are those derived from plastics, such as fishing gear, bags, containers, the rings of cans or straws.

Balance of 2020

So far this year, a total of 28 sea turtles, 27 of the Caretta Caretta species and one specimen of the Leatherback turtle ( Dermochelys coriacea) have appeared stranded on the coasts of the Island .

Of the 28 specimens that have appeared, 15 have been found stranded alive and the Morro Jable Turtle Recovery and Conservation Center has been transferred for proper care. Once admitted to the center, they are diagnosed to apply the appropriate treatment for each condition, with an average stay of between one and three months. The most common causes for entering the center are derived from human action: entanglements or ingestion of drifting garbage (fishing tackle, raffia, plastics), ingestion or adhesion of oil and other toxic substances, accidental fishing and collision with boats.

This 2020, the Ministry of Environment has released to the sea after its recovery a total of 9 turtles, all of the species Caretta Caretta , one of them entered the centre in 2018, four in 2019 and five in 2020.


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