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licence uk driving brexit

UK driving licence post brexit
As many know, we (residents) should have swapped UK licences for Spanish ones prior to 'B' day. Which is what I did. However I recently met two people who didn't for various reasons. One of whom has just been 'done' by the Guardia. The other person's situation seems rather unfortunate, as they are European but lived in the UK for a while and swapped their countries licence for a UK one. Not being British they weren't so Brexit aware as UK nationals. So they seem to be in rather an unfortunate position.

Obviously the licence issue is a only a side effect of Brexit and has been  a issue for 3rd country nationals for a long time.

Do non EU nationals really have to take a driving test in order to get a Spanish licence? There must be thousands of non EU nationals living in Spain who would struggle with the test and the language issues. It seems rather counter productive for Spain. Maybe there are individual agreements with countries for the exchange and no one has thought about UK and Spain doing the same?

What are your thoughts?
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