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charging points fue airport usb sockets

USB charging points and 240V sockets at the FUE Airport
Yesterday I realised that there are new seats with a build-in chargers all over the airport. Checking around, there must be like 50 of them, all on the second floor. Not sure how long is this going on so apologies for the late news. 

We do travel pretty often and going to any airport with completely charged gadgets so never needed to look for a socket in Fuerteventura but it will be pretty handy should we have a delay one day.

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Did you check they actually worked and are not just for show?
Last time I came back through Gatwick loads of banks of charging points had 'not in use' signs on them Angry
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(04-12-2018, 11:56 PM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: Did you check they actually worked and are not just for show?

No worries Tamara, they are not just for show Big Grin 

I've tried the one on the picture and if they are not working just press the "Reset" button. Can you see the blue light reflection on the floor in the first pic? That was me testing the sockets Smile

Now you've mentioned the "for show" I've realised the one I've tried and the other seats where I saw some teenagers charging their phones was all located by the walls. It's obviously easier to hide the cables. Don't know how they run the cables to the other seats as I'm sure some of them aren't located next to the wall at all.
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Gentle reminder that public USB ports can be a source of danger/entry point for bad actors into your devices— you can read more here, but the general jist is that you're better off using a plug and the power outlet than the USB one. 

It's almost certainly nothing to worry about here, but something to keep in mind generally!
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Good point Ducks.

Using the socket with your own charger will possibly charge phone faster too. Most of the new phones can work with 2,000 mA (or higher) current/voltage and the airport ones are only 750 mA.
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True. I'm not sure my phone would even charge while turned on with that power level. But if there is an outlet I'm fine.
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